Friday February 23, 2018

UK startup rolls out first ever HIV self-test kit

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By NewsGram Staff Writer

Want to get rid of the usual brouhaha and scathing stares while entering a clinic for HIV test? Well, here is an option – the first ever HIV self-testing kit.

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Despite heading to a new era etched with modernity and advancement, there are certain issues which are never deliberated openly and people prefer to shove them inside the closet. One such issue is HIV. The very thought of appearing for a HIV test vexes us owing to the repercussions involved, specially societal issues. However, this wouldn’t be the case anymore as U.K. based startup BioSURE has rolled out the first HIV self-testing kit.

The self-testing kit allows individuals to test their blood samples and subsequently execute a test for AIDS.

The device guarantees 99.7% accuracy, which means that out of every 1000 positive results only three would be incorrect. The device is the only one having a legal approval in U.K. with a European Conformity (CE) mark.

The BioSURE HIV Self Test Kit is priced at £29.95 (US$46.80) and would be shipped in discrete packages.

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is an infective microorganism that causes AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). The self-test would enable an individual to detect the presence of such antibodies when a person is infected with HIV.

Despite a string of advancements made in laying off the disease, the stigma regarding the same still persists, owing to which many people consider it a strenuous task to go to clinics for a test. However, the newfound kit would be a stress buster, removing the possibilities of being looked down on.

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HIV Infected Smokers More likely to die of lung cancer than AIDS, Reveals Indian-origin Researcher

Smoking kills! A recent research reveals a vicious reality about the people infected with HIV, who loves to smoke, are more likely to die from lung cancer than from AIDS.

lung cancer
Cigarette smoking is injurious to health. Pixabay

New York, September 20, 2017: People living with HIV who adhere to antiretroviral therapy, but smoke tobacco cigarettes are more likely to die from lung cancer than from AIDS, a study led by an Indian-origin researcher has revealed.

The findings showed that overall people with HIV who take antiviral medicines, but who also smoke are six to 13 times more likely to die from lung cancer than from HIV/AIDS, depending on the intensity of smoking and their sex.

“Smoking and HIV are a particularly bad combination when it comes to lung cancer,” said lead author Krishna Reddy, MD, Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH).

“Lung cancer is now one of the leading killers of people with HIV, but most of these deaths can be prevented,” added Rochelle Walensky, Professor at Harvard Medical School.

Among men who continued to be heavy smokers, an estimated 29 percent would die of lung cancer by age 80, as would 23 per cent of moderate smokers and 19 per cent of light smokers.

For women who continued to be heavy smokers, an estimated 29 percent would die of lung cancer by age 80, as would 21 per cent of moderate smokers and 17 per cent of light smokers.

“The data tell us that now is the time for action: smoking cessation programmes should be integrated into HIV care just like antiviral therapy,” Reddy said in the paper published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine.

However, among those who managed to quit smoking at age 40, only about six per cent die of lung cancer.

“Quitting smoking is one of the most important things that people with HIV can do to improve their health and live longer,” suggested Travis Baggett, Assistant Professor at the Harvard Medical School.

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Besides reducing the risk of lung cancer, quitting will also decrease their risk of other diseases such as heart attack, stroke and emphysema, the researchers said. (IANS)


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