Saturday May 25, 2019
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UK Government Starts Accepting Apple Pay, Google Pay

Apple Pay has 390 million paid subscriptions globally and is on track to reach 10 billion transactions

Google Pay.

The UK government has started accepting Apple Pay and Google Pay for some of its online consumer services.

The government launched its online payments platform GOV.UK Pay for services with credit and debit cards in 2016 and, so far, more than 2.9 million transactions have been made.

The Minister for Implementation Oliver Dowden announced on Sunday that the government will now allow payments to be made with mobile phones through Apple Pay and Google Pay.

“We’re focused on making access to government services as easy as possible. And introducing mobile payment to GOV.UK Pay will also make transactions more secure,” Dowden said in a statement.

People can pay via Apple Pay and Google Pay for four services initially.

The app “Google Pay” displayed on a user’s Smartphone.

The services are the Global Entry Service which enables UK citizens to get expedited entry to the US and online basic DBS checks carried out before people are allowed to work in certain sectors.

The other two services are the Registered Traveller Service which makes it easier for frequent visitors from non-EU countries to enter the UK using modern E-Gates at the border and the Electronic Visa Waiver Service which allows people from four countries in the Middle East to travel more easily to the UK.

Following the initial trial, the government plans to roll mobile payments across central government services.

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“Allowing people to pay for government services through Apple Pay and Google Pay means they won’t have to enter their credit or debit card information when making payments,” said Till Wirth, Lead product manager for GOV.UK Pay.

Apple Pay has 390 million paid subscriptions globally and is on track to reach 10 billion transactions. (IANS)

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Cashback Incentives to Push Google Pay in India

Google Pay was launched in India on September 18, 2017 has over 25 million monthly active users in India

Google Pay.

To push its payments platform Google Pay in India, the search engine plans to offer cashback incentives on Android apps.

Codenamed “Project Cruiser”, this in-app engagement rewards platform has been in the works since last year and it is led by Google’s Next Billion Users team.

“Google Pay will be used for transactions between businesses and users, thereby expanding the reach of Google’s payment service. Executives from the company have reached out to several businesses in India in recent months to coax them into coming on board,” TechCrunch reported on Friday.

As part of the plan, the search-engine giant would encourage people to update their Android apps or refer them to a friend for both of them to win up to a specific amount on Google Pay.

Google has told developers that all rewards on the app will be bandied through Google Pay itself.

If the developers incorporate the platform into their apps, it would allow app developers to incentivise users to perform certain actions in their app in a “scalable” fashion.

The app “Google Pay” displayed on a user’s Smartphone.

“We’re always looking at ways to serve the next billion users better, but we have nothing to share at this point,” the report quoted a Google spokesperson as saying.

Google is committed to not taking a cut of the app-revenue generated from developers through the initiative.

To appease claims of platform abuse, Google may plan to support other payment options from third parties at a later stage, the report added.

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Google Pay was launched in India on September 18, 2017 has over 25 million monthly active users in India.

The search-engine giant clocked $1.4 billion in revenue from the country in 2018, making India a strong market for the company. (IANS)