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The Ultimate 12 Step Guide To Ace Your Makeup

Wouldnt we all want our makeup to look flawless and stay in place all day

It’s true when people say; there are no rules on how to apply makeup. Whether you like to do your foundation before or after your eyeshadow is totally up to you, but there are some general techniques that can help make your application effortless and long-lasting. With the innumerable varieties of products available in the market, you’re sure to get confused with what products work for you and how to layer it the right way. Wouldnt we all want our makeup to look flawless and stay in place all day?

Vineeta Singh, Co-founder & CEO of SUGAR Cosmetics shares the ultimate 12 step guide to ace your makeup and become the makeup aficionado you’ve always dreamt of being.
The real secret to getting your makeup to go on smoothly and look seamless is to properly moisturize your skin prior. It will hydrate and smooth out your skin, giving you the ideal complexion and keep your skin healthy underneath the makeup.

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Once your moisturizer is absorbed into your skin put on some primer. It helps your makeup to go on smoothly by making your skin an ideal canvas to hold onto whatever makeup comes afterward and ensures that it stays in place. It also smooths over fine lines and wrinkles, camouflages pores, and corrects skin issues.

Wait a few minutes before moving on to let the primer nicely sink into your skin. Now go on and apply the foundation starting from the center of your face and blend it out in a circular motion, gently pressing it into the skin to give you a flawless finish.

How you apply your concealer is very important! Whether you’re covering up your spots or trying to hide away those nasty dark circles, there’s a specific way to make it look seamless. A concealer is best to cover up- dark circles, redness around the nose, and zits or pimples. However, it is essential that you use a flat tip applicator for a smooth application. Using the wrong kind of applicator might prevent the concealer from blending into your skin and make your makeup look cakey.

To make your makeup flawless try to use primer on your skin. Pixabay

After you’re done with concealing your spots and undereye, apply some powder to set your foundation and concealer. Use a brush to apply a translucent or pressed powder over your face, in areas that tend to get oily like the t-zone, undereye, and chin to get rid of excess oil from your face.

For an ultra-natural look like you just returned from your morning walk, apply a small amount of blush onto the apples of your cheeks. To create a more defined look, apply your blush onto the cheekbones and just above to give your face that chiseled effect.

Now move onto the eyes. It is essential that you apply your eyeshadow before putting on your eyeliner or mascara, this way you can get a clean and perfect look. Using the right brush with the right strokes can make the process easy and smooth. Start with a neutral or light color to create a base for the colors. The best way to achieve the perfect eye makeup is to apply the darker shades on the outside and lighter shades towards the inside of your eyes, add some color on your lower lash line as well to add definition.

Before using makeup try to hydrate and moisturize your face. Pixabay

Always apply eyeliner over your eyeshadow to make your eyes pop. First, decide on whether you want to opt for a pencil or liquid eyeliner. If you have shaky hands, go for a pencil to save yourself from unwanted redoes. To make your eyes appear bold and sharp, apply black eyeliner; for a refreshed look, go for white or nude, and for an experimental look, well there are endless options available for you to pick from.

Haven’t we all dreamt of having long, voluminous lashes? Applying mascara has many benefits. It makes your lashes appear thicker and longer which defines your eyes and draws attention to them.

And now what we all love…lipsticks! There are endless options available in the market: matte-glossy, liquid-crayon, nudes-purples. However, picking the right shade and texture of lipstick can be quite a task at times. While crayons are the most versatile, liquid lipsticks last longer and give you that rich pigment. When choosing the shade, make sure the color doesn’t look too loud or too dull keeping your skin tone in mind.

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Lock and seal your makeup to last all day with a setting spray. No one likes melting and moving makeup and doing endless touch-ups throughout the day. Setting sprays will hold your look in place all day while also giving that boost of hydration to your skin.

Last but most important step to give your face that lit-from-within look- highlighter! Applying the right amount of highlighter to the right spots will attract light and brighten up your face. Add a dab above your cheekbones, on the inner corners of your eyes, down the bridge of your nose, and above your cupid’s bow to give your makeup that glowy touch. (IANS)



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