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Here are some uncommon reasons for high blood pressure which maybe you are not aware of. Pixabay

We all know diet, age and genetic history are common risk factors for high blood pressure.

Dr Praveen Gupta, Director, Neurology, Fortis Memorial Research Institute focuses on some uncommon reasons for high BP.

Sleep apnea:

As we age some of gather lot of weight around our bellies. Some this heavy weight around the neck collapses the airways and obstructs the breathing. This causes the patient to awaken frequently due to apnea altering the neurotransmitter balance increasing sympathomimetic transmitters and raising the blood pressure. Sleeping with a CPAP machine after an overnight sleep study will treat the obstructive sleep apnea and help normalize blood pressure. A simple way is undertaking weight loss and decrease the body fat partially relieving the elevated blood pressure.


The common non-steroidal analgesics like ibuprofen and dispirin can also raise blood pressure and cause swelling in the body. these drugs later the transmitter balance in the kidney tubules to raise the BP. Contrary to the common belief even newer COX 2 inhibitors like etoricoxib can raise blood pressure. So if u find taking a drug leads to elevated BP it is best to avoid it.

The common non-steroidal analgesics like ibuprofen can raise blood pressure. Pixabay


It can activate the sympathetic stress system of the body raising the blood pressure. so a lot of people with migraine who go to emergency rooms with severe headache are found tone hypertensive. However, for most people blood pressure returns to normal after treating pain. So do not consider yourself if you bp is only elevated during pain.

Going to doctors Office

A visit to doctors office is marked by uncertainty and anxiety for a lot of people. these can cause significant catecholamine and augment blood pressure. A lot of people have very high BP in doctor’s office with normal readings at home typically called white coat hypertension.

Herbal supplements

The herbal supplements are considering to be safe. However drugs like gingko biloba , guar, st. johns wart can interfere with blood pressure mechanisms and raise BP. they can also interfere with action of other drugs.

Excessive coffee can lead to high blood pressue. Pixabay


Excessive coffee or other stimulant beverages increase catecholamine levels thus causing increased blood pressure and heart rate. It is important to note an accessional cup of coffee is safe and more than 3 coffees a day may be detrimental.

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Simple decongestant medicines like pseoephederine and nasal decongestants can cause vast spam causing high blood pressure. Also anti-depressants like venlafaxine and duloxetine and monoamine oxidase inhibitors can also cause raise blood pressure.


A high sugar intake also causes increase in the body metabolism causing increase in blood pressure . Even a high sugar diet for two weeks may raise the blood pressure significantly.

It is important to know these causes, though lesser known and to be aware about them in order to avoid inadvertent rise in blood pressure. (IANS)


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