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Beaches in India. Pixabay

Whenever we think about beaches in India our find automatically thinks about Goa. It is famous for its beaches and is flocked by Indian as well as foreign tourists alike. What if somebody wants solitary pleasure or just the company of somebody about whom they cared. So, pack your bags and save on your ticket using the flight offers as you rush to one of these beaches to cool off this summer.

#1 Ottinene Beach, Karnataka

Located off National Highway 66 between Byndoor and Bhatkal, the beach is maintained by the forest department. It is a combination of beach, view point, a temple and light forest. The beach is guarded by the overhanging cliffs which keeps it remote and quiet. The beach will mesmerize you with its spectacular views during the sunrise and the sunset.

To reach the beach you will need to go up a lush hillock where you will find the Someshwara temple. From the view point you could see how the river River Sumana finally merges into the Arabian Sea which is a spectacular sight to behold. From here you can either walk down to the beach or take a road.

Ottinene Beach, Karnataka.

Some cottages are available at the location but you need to book them from the Forest office in Kudapura. The cottages cost around ₹800 for a day but sadly they don’t provide food and other facilities. As the beach is maintained by forest department you need to purchase a ticket which costs ₹10 per person.

The beach is extremely beautiful and isolated which means you could enjoy it without being bothered by anyone and this makes it one of the most underrated beaches in India if you are looking for a place to relax in solace.

#2 Mandarmani Beach, West Bengal

If you are visiting Kolkata then you ought to visit this beach which is just 180 kilometres away from the former capital of India. The beach is in a sweet and secluded spot and if you want to ride in isolation then Mandarmani Beach might only be second to Ladakh. It is the longest motorable beach in India thanks to its thick hard grains of sand and which stretch up to 13 kilometres.

The tourists can try the exquisite sea fish cuisine of this place but make sure you try one of the good restaurants. One can visit Mandarmani from Kolkata via trains and buses but it is highly recommended to drive to the beach to enjoy the trip.

Mandarmani Beach, West Bengal.

There are some good hotels near the beach which provide their patrons with private beach. One can also indulge in water sports or just take a Bath at the sea. The local markets sell conch shell products. Tourist could also visit Mohona or Tajpur or Digha from Mandarmani or just sit on the beach and listen to the roar of the sea waves as they crash on to the sea shore.

It is also one of those great beaches in India which require more exposure to the public. On second thought it might do well without that exposure as it is a perfect place to sit back and relax while looking at the sea on a full-moon night.

#3 Chandipur Beach, Orissa

Chandipur beach is famous for a unique occurrence in which the sea water recedes by 5 kilometers during the ebb tide. The otherwise calm beach is a quiet and serene location overlooking the Bay of Bengal. The tides which occur twice a day will be such a mesmerizing experience that you will continue to feel it even after you have left the beach.

Chandipur Beach, Orissa.

One can also enjoy the delicious Oria-style seafood especially, the prawns and pomfrets. The sand dunes along with the rocky coast couple with Casuarina trees make it a spectacular landscape. In contrast to the Puri Beach which is frequented by the tourists throughout the day Chandipur is quiet and secluded.

The beach is located next to Integrated Test Range of the Indian Army. The test range uses a portion of the beach which is not open to the general public. The fact that the beach is located near the launch facility from where Akash, Shaurya, Agni and Prithvi ballistic missiles launched makes a trip even more exciting.

#4 Guhagar Beach, Maharashtra

Guhagar Beach is located in Chiplun which is a small town in the district of Ratnagiri in Maharashtra. The beach is sparely populated and one can find smatterings of seashells and sound of sea waves to be extremely relaxing.

The beach is 50 kilometres away from the town of Chiplun and can be reached via bus or your own vehicle. It has clean and nearly transparent water with white soft sand. The water is excellent for swimming and one can participate in activities such as jet ski, banana rides, camel ride, and ATV ride.

There are lots of stalls lined up on the beach which provide light snacks and beverages to the tourist. The beach is extremely clean and well maintained. The beach is ideal for people of all age groups and everyone could enjoy a swim in the cool water or sit and relax on the beach.

Guhagar Beach, Maharashtra.

One can visit the beach with their own vehicle as it has a parking facility but beware, the road is narrow and extremely prone to long traffic jams. The beach isn’t as isolated as one would expect and there are lots of tourists during the weekends but compared to other popular beaches in Goa and Raigad the crowd is fairly small.

On lucky occasions one will find that the only people around the beach are a few tourist and locals who are going out for their daily work or returning back to their home with the sun just touching the horizon.

If you get bored at the beach then there are quite a few tourist spots nearby. You could visit Velneshwar – A old Shiv temple and very scenic beach behind the temple, Baman Ghal- a small waterway in the rocks from where the sea water jumps during the high tide. You can really enjoy your vacation to the fullest at the Guhagar beach.

#5 Tip Beach, Lakshadweep

If you are planning a vacation to Lakshadweep then you ought to visit Tip Beach. Located at the virtually strike isle of Kalpeni island one may find a piece of heaven on Earth in the Tip Beach. The island is non-commercialized section of Lakshadweep which means it you and the natural beauty around you.

Tip Beach, Lakshadweep.

You will find the white sand, small rocky formation and sea waves gently washing your feet to be extremely relaxing. If you are a bit daring you might also try to snorkel around the clear blue waters and look at the colourful flora and fauna in the sea.

You can find many small stalls which sell you refreshments during your time at the beach. Being only three kilometres in length the isle isn’t commercialized there aren’t any resorts or hotel over there. This means you have to stay on one of the isles with lodging facility and visit the Tip Beach, enjoy your time there and then return back to your hotel.

#6 Lalaji Bay Beach, Andaman Islands

Another gem off the mainland, Lalaji Bay Beach is truly a pearl hidden within the Andaman Islands. Located at the Long Island it is one of the most scenic beaches in Andaman. The tourists could visit the beach by taking a boat ride from Yerrata Jetty to Long Island. During the journey which will last for half an hour one could enjoy the view of the scenic creek through which the boat passes.

It has a lush forest through which one could enjoy a hike and mind you there might be some leeches but they won’t bother you much. The island also has the scenic beach covered in white sand with a few huts and small eateries catering to the need of the tourists. There isn’t any proper hotel or resort on the island as of now but future projects are in development phase.

Lalaji Bay Beach, Andaman Islands.

The beach offers its tourist complete isolation and they could just relax and enjoy the scenic beauty around us without being bothered. The absence of any big resort or hotel means that the beach isn’t crowded which couldn’t be said about most of the popular beaches. One can swim and snorkel around and if you are lucky you could also see dolphins diving near you.

#7 Cherai Beach, Kerala

When we are talking about God’s own country then it should have one of the best beaches which would make you feel like you are really in heaven. Cherai Beach is the perfect place for people looking for a swim with little to no human presence.

The beach is clean and extremely well maintained and most of the time the only people you will see around are going to be fishermen going on their daily jobs. The beach has some small eateries but it is not an ideal place for vegetarians as good quality veg food is hard to find.

Cherai Beach, Kerala.

The beach hasn’t got any proper facilities and is crowded with people more often then not. On lucky occasion you might find that the beach isn’t crowded and the weather is nice and if you visit the beach you will truly feel like you are walking in heaven with the scenic beauty nothing short of something right out of your dreams. The sunset will surely take your breath away.

#8 Butterfly Beach, Goa

Any list of beaches would be incomplete without mentioning the beaches from Goa. The name of the beach comes from the variety of butterflies that you could find at the place. The beach is covered in thick forest with rock formations that make it difficult to access. The beach is situated on the remote island of Canacona and can only be visited by a ferry or boat giving it the much-needed seclusion.

The beach is extremely beautiful with couple of good restaurants and one might even see dolphins swimming around. The beach was a paradise a decade ago but now it has been littered with plastic waste which is destroying the scenic beauty. The authorities are trying to restore the beach to its former glory and they are requesting tourists not to throw their trash at places.

Butterfly Beach, Goa.

The beach allows the tourist to enjoy snorkelling, swimming, jet ski and taking a hike through the forest. One could also just sit there and enjoy the scenic beauty as hundreds of colourful butterflies circle around them.

The practically inaccessible beach makes it a great spot for people who want to get away from the busy live of the cities and spend a few moments in peace surrounded by nature and probably with the people they cherish the most.

#9 Yarada Beach, Andhra Pradesh

Located near the coastal city of Vizag, Yarada Beach is surrounded by hills on three side and the waters of Bay of Bengal on the fourth. The beaches of Andhra Pradesh aren’t that well known and this makes them extremely quite and isolated and in case of Yarada even more.

The water is said to be dangerous with many rocks and animals and it is generally not advised to swim in the water. However, one could enjoy the boat ride and other activities on the beach. You will find some good restaurant which will serve you great sea food.

Yarada Beach, Andhra Pradesh.

There isn’t much to enjoy at this beach apart from the scenic view and talking a stroll along the beach with the sea water occasionally washing your feet. The most important feature of this beach is its isolation and if you desire to be alone and marvel at the beauty of nature then it is a great place to visit.


In the hectic life that we live in this world it is hard to find peace. If one needs to get away from the city and the crowd and spend some time in the arms of mother nature, a trip to these beautiful beaches would be an awesome experience. It is bound to renew their energy and help them return to their usual life with more enthusiasm. These are some of the most beautiful yet underrated beaches in our country and one must hope that they remain ever so peaceful and quiet for years to come.



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