Understanding the Janlokpal using Fire v/s Pot Analogy


By Rakesh Manchanda

Once, a pot asked the potter, “If you love me then why did you throw me in the fire?”

The potter replied, My real love for you (Pot) lies in baking you so that you become strong enough for a long and healthy life.”


The pots that escape the fire treatment don’t last long. Fire is a gift that strengthens it. To understand the current political scenario, replace fire with people’s anger against Corruption in India, and you shall see the dream behind Jan Lokpal-2014.

When Anna Hazare sat in the Ramlila Maidan, his clarion call awoke lakhs of people across the country from a deep slumber. The venue saw close to 13 versions of the Janlokpal Bill being revised and finalized. All this was taking place on the streets and Ramlila Maidan, and not in the all-powerful Parliament.

To recall those 12 days where India stood up against corruption with hand in hand, you can read ‘Twelve days of August Kranti-2011 that shook India’.

Just as the fire plays a significant role in the making of the pot, people’s anger with regards to such a critical legislation must be channeled constructively and peacefully.

“If you fight fire with fire, you may end up with ashes.”

E. Carter

The manner in which thousands of protesters combated the heat of Delhi at Jantar Mantar for several days is akin to the pots being baked in the sunlight. While the pots bake, nursing of fire is a time bound skill full of patience. Monitoring the directions and strength of the fire needs a careful investment of energy and time from a few stakeholders.

The journey from mud to an artistic pot is made possible with the help of alert eyes & hands. The craft now is ready for a Promotion and Purchase.

In order to draft a law that signifies people’s aspirations and sentiments, a people’s movement under the banner of ‘India Against Corruption’ decided to break the old tradition and tried to come up with a draft legislation using people`s consent. Thousands of professionals left their job to contribute to the cause. Elected powerful law makers were brought down to listen via a people`s movement.


Five Wise Men ‘Panchayat’ was formed in the Ramlila Maidan to guide and draft Lokpal bill based on People’s input. Soon after, the First Wise Man, Arvind Kejriwal, ditched this group of five on the grounds of ‘entering the system to clean it’.

swaraj abhiyan

Can this fire-filled journey turn a mud into a valuable earthy pot?

A dream was born in Ramlila Maidan. The dream of a Corruption free India emerged. This dream was given the shape of a draft which was named Janlokpal Bill. People slogged day and night.

Lakhs of people agitated on the streets demanding that Central Government turn the Janlokpal draft into a law. When the government turned a deaf ear and challenged the activists to come to power and implement the JanLokpal bill, a Political Party was born out of this Movement -the Aam Aadmi Party. People of Delhi gave all their support and love to the Party that was formed on the promise of Jan Lokpal law.

Soon after, Arvind Kejriwal took oath as the Chief Minister of Delhi.

In 2014, when Mr. Kejriwal was stopped from tabling and passing the Janlokpal Bill, he resigned as the CM. He stated that he can and will sacrifice hundreds of such posts for this people`s bill.

Then why a ‘Nakli’- Fake Janlokpal now in 2015?

As soon as Kejriwal became CM, the JanLokpal, for which he was ready to sacrifice the CM`s post hundred times, was completely changed after a deliberate excuse and a delay. Several clauses and provisions that made JanLokpal independent and strong were removed. All the promises that he himself had made at the Ramleela Maidan were broken.

 Back to basics of Pot sport Culture

‘Dahi Handi’ Breaking is a highly popular and auspicious tradition in India. It needs skillful players and the cheering people`s support for success. On the passing of Arvind Kejriwal`s revised Lokpal Bill-2015, a section of AAP supporters distributed sweets and danced.

dahi handi

See three attached videos and decide. Who are the mischievous Pot Breaker and a rubble mud rouser?

Video of Santosh Hegde on 2015 Delhi Janlokpal Bill

Video of Google Hangout with Prashant Bhushan on 2015 Delhi Janlokpal Bill

Video of Anna demanding 2014 JanLokpal Bill

It is a common thing for the Political Parties to promise the moon during elections but never fulfill it after coming to power. Victims of politics use ‘fire jokes’ to showcase the situation of the needy. Unfortunately, by introducing this kind of broken & toothless JanLokPal Bill, Aam

Aadmi Party is murdering the old dream of a strong Janlokpal which would have curbed corruption, the dream for which millions of patriots had aspired and struggled. 

Broken Pot Breaks the Bluff

Broken Pot = Leaking Lokpal =Valuable False Ornament for AAP Voters by Selected Expensive Salesmen. Today, once again, lie, deceit and power are dwelling in palaces while truth is alive on the streets. We all know that truth can be blocked for a period, but never defeated.


Prashant Bhushan of the Swaraj Abhiyan puts it simply – “Soldiers of Janlokpal Movement will again have to come together for fight against Corruption. Once again we will have to light this torch and march ahead.”