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An Unique Experience Of Diverse Asia

A photo-journey through 'diverse Asia'

A kaleidoscopic journey across Bali, Hong Kong, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam captures the diverse landscapes, textures, and people of Asia. The exhibit is life in an online exhibition titled ‘Diverse Asia’ and is available on view till August 23.

The pictures are captured by Ajit Rana, who swears by two philosophies in life – taking the road less traveled and following your heart. His photography is driven by a passion for nature, food, human emotions, and different cultures. The present exhibition is an example of Ajit’s travels over the last couple of years in Asia, which offers a rich palette of choices making each country a unique experience.

From the tropical luxuriance of Myanmar to the sparse landscapes of the high plateau of Central Asia, from the modern skyscrapers of Hong Kong to Hanoi’s narrow frontage buildings, one is faced with shifts of shape, color, and people.

Diverse Asia
The exhibition on the India International Centre website aims to give a flavor of the diversity of the region, without any pretenses. Pixabay

Equally unique in Bali, with its extraordinary outpouring of Hindu heritage temples and sculptures, studded within a largely Muslim Indonesia. The diversity lives in Asia’s landscapes, cities, natural habitat, and most of all it’s people. Each culture has an ancient history and traditions that stem from an authentic heritage.

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The exhibition on the India International Centre website aims to give a flavor of the diversity of the region, without any pretenses. As per the photographer, no single exhibit collection can do justice to even one of the country’s richness, let alone what is arguably the world’s most varied continent. (IANS)



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