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An Unscientific Approach to Treating Asthma Naturally

A murrel fish is slipped into the throats of patients to heal Asthma

Natural Asthma Treatment
A family in Hyderabad offers a Natural Asthma Treatment. Pixabay
  • Currently, 300 million people are affected by asthma and 10% population is from India
  • Bathini Goud family offers a Natural Asthma Treatment slips a live Murrel fish along with some herb down into the throats of the patients
  • The family says that the fish clears the throat down the way and this is permanent cure for asthma 

June 26, 2017: Asthma is a chronic inflammation of lungs that affects people of all age groups. There is no cure for asthma and the best way to deal with it is to avoid the triggering agents. It is one of the most chronic common diseases among children and affects approximately 300 million people.

India has around 30 million asthma patients however Hyderabad has a special natural asthma treatment for the patients. In Hyderabad, a Bathini Goud family offers an unconventional method for treatment of Asthma which slips a living Murrel fish along with some herb down into the throats of the patients. This usually lets the patients gagging and they are advised to be on a diet for 45 days. Still, thousands of people visit this place for their treatment.

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The Bathini Goud family says that the fish clears the throat down the way and this is a permanent cure for asthma and other respiratory problems but they refused to reveal the name of the herbs they use along with the Murrel fish and said that it was given to them by a Hindu saint in 1845. Parents of the children with asthma usually pinch their noses and tilt the head back to take this medicine.

Every year, thousands of people visit them for which the dates are declared at the onset of monsoon. Some doctors and rights groups have complained that the medicine is ‘unscientific’. The Indian Government also helps in the fish medicine festival by providing special trains and extra police for the safety and comfort of people.

Prepared by Sumit Balodi of NewsGram. Twitter: @sumit_balodi

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Vitamin D Can Help to Control Asthma, Says Study

Importantly, the findings showed that the effects were most pronounced among obese children

Have Asthma? Don't Shy Away From Your Doctor
Have Asthma? Don't Shy Away From Your Doctor. Pixabay

Besides making bones strong, higher levels of Vitamin D can also help children with asthma to become more resilient to harmful respiratory effects caused by indoor air pollution, say researchers including one of an Indian-origin.

“Asthma is an immune-mediated disease,” said lead author Sonali Bose, Assistant Professor at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

“From previous scientific studies we knew that vitamin D was a molecule that may influence asthma by impacting antioxidant or immune-related pathways,” she added.

The researchers observed that having low blood vitamin D levels was related to harmful respiratory effects of indoor air pollution from sources such as cigarette smoke, cooking, burning of candles, and incense, among children with asthma.

Conversely, in homes that had the highest indoor air pollution, higher blood vitamin D levels were associated with fewer asthma symptoms in children.

The study provides new insight that could help us predict and manage diseases like asthma – which are a significant public health burden. IANS

Importantly, the findings showed that the effects were most pronounced among obese children, Bose said.

“This highlights a third factor at play here – the obesity epidemic – and helps bring that risk to light when considering individual susceptibility to asthma.”

For the study, published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice, the researchers tested three factors — air pollution levels in homes, blood vitamin D levels, and asthma symptoms — in 120 schoolchildren with pre-existing asthma. One-third of the children were obese.

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“One way to increase blood vitamin D levels is to increase sun exposure, but that isn’t always possible in urban environments, or in people with darker skin pigmentation,” Bose said.

“Another way is through dietary supplements or eating more foods that are high in vitamin D, such as fatty fish, mushrooms, or foods fortified with vitamin D, such as bread, orange juice, or milk.” (IANS)