UP Revenue Collection Increases By 20.6 Percent

An increase of 20.6 percent in revenue collection

Revenue collection
UP has shown an increase in its revenue collection as a whole. Flickr

For the third consecutive month after lockdown, the Yogi Adityanath government has posted an impressive revenue receipt of Rs 10,672 crore in October which is Rs 1,828 crore more than what it received last year in the same month — an increase of 20.6 percent in revenue collection.

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This signals a fast recovery on the economic front after the lockdown.

Revenue collection
The state had registered a jump of RS. 600 crore and RS. 891 crore in revenue. Flickr

According to Finance Minister Suresh Khanna, in August and September too, the state had registered a jump of Rs 600 crore and Rs 891 crore in revenue collection as compared to the corresponding period in 2019.

“Despite prolonged lockdown in the wake of the pandemic during which most economic activities had come to a standstill, no other state has shown such a record growth in revenue realization. As the economy is back on track, the Uttar Pradesh government would announce bonuses for state employees soon,” he said.

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Besides, the state has also reported an increase in GST and VAT collections this month, the Minister said. He added that in October, the state realized Rs 3,795 crore as GST and Rs 1,802 crore for VAT. (IANS)