US, Mexico to launch West Rail Bypass- the first rail crossing in about 100 years


By NewsGram Staff-Writer


Austin, USA: After more than a century, United States and Mexico will launch the first new railway link on coming Tuesday, which will connect Brownsville and Matamoros, the neighboring cities located on either side of the US-Mexican border, according to a report in Economic Times.

According to US Commerce Department, the goal of “West Rail Bypass International Bridge” that started in 2010 was aimed at increasing regional transportation capacity, improving air quality, and reducing urban congestion.

According to US customs and Border Protection, eight railway crossings are already present between US and Mexico. The crossings have sniffer dogs and Border Patrol agents for conducting inspections and are also equipped with x-ray systems that scan rail traffic, according to ET report.

The launching of the West rail gains significance in the backdrop of the demands to tighten control along the border in order to prevent illegal immigration and illegal goods supply.


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