US officials warn Islamic State’s chemical weapon use

By NewsGram Staff-Writer

London: The US officials have warned that the Islamic State (IS) is manufacturing and using chemical weapons in Iraq and Syria.

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Speaking about how America has identified at least four instances where chemical weapons have been used by the IS, an official told BBC: “They’re using mustard. We know they are. We’ve seen them use it on at least four separate occasions on both sides of the border — both Iraq and Syria. We assess that they have an active chemical weapons little research cell that they’re working on to try and get better at it.”

The exposure to sulphur mustard causes mustard-laced dust blisters on the skin but is not fatal. But, because there is no treatment for it, the agent must be completely removed from the body.

The source also revealed that the chemicals are being used in their powder form. The powder is being packed into explosives like mortar rounds and being used.


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