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Some Useful Tips to Keep Your Exclusive Watches Clean and Scratch-Free

Here's how you can take care of your exclusive watches

If you own an exclusive piece of the watch, you must know it has great value in more ways than just one. It can be a gift for you from someone very special and can be a sentimental piece that you want to keep in the right shape for many years to come. To get the most usages of it, you need to keep it in the best condition possible by giving it the proper care and proper maintenance. This will ensure that your favorite watch lasts for many years to come.

With most of the exclusive watches, you will get a brush and they are designed for cleaning such devices. If you don’t have such a brush, it is better to find a soft bristle brush that is designed especially for branded watches like Sinn’s automatic watches. These watches are known for elegance and precision. They come up with a sterling combination of excellence and splendor that may be the reason that they command a high price. Automatic watches by Junghans are some exclusive possessions for the owners that one may love to cherish lifelong. But keeping them in perfect condition is more like a challenge and you need to follow some useful tips for that.

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Some tips to follow:

  • Each of the exclusive watches comes with a proper manual that details how it should be taken care of to prolong the lifecycle of it. As with such a type of device, properly taking care of it can help you to keep it in tip-top condition for the longest time possible.

Maintain your exclusive watches
Leave the watch off when applying fragrance. Pixabay

  • Leave the watch off when applying fragrance. Some chemicals of the cosmetic may interfere with the metal body of your watch. Keep it out of water or just wear it as the last thing when getting ready for something.
  • You can use the jeweler’s cloth to remove the scratches or just a drop of toothpaste as the quick fix of the issue.
  • Use your watch on a regular basis to keep in perfect running condition. With the process, you can ensure the constant flow of lubricants in the movement. It may harden and cause friction within the movement if you don’t use them regularly. This friction can eventually damage the functioning of the movement. If you don’t wear it regularly, just wind it once a week at least.
  • Like any other precious instrument, you need to service it on a regular basis to make it work perfectly. The water-resistant feature of a watch can subside with passing time or due to the aging of the gaskets or by any type of accidental shock. Maintenance should be done every four to six years and also the comprehensive checking of the watch function.
  • You can use the protector also to save the lower part breakage free and sweat-free.

Maintain your exclusive watches
Polish the metal parts regularly to avoid scratches. Pixabay

  • You can clean it often with the soapy lukewarm water. Then use the soft brush to clean the dirtiest parts of the watch. Dry it with a soft towel or cotton. You can clean it regularly also with the soft brush to avoid deep cleaning. For a leather band, you can use the soapy solution too.
  • Polish the metal parts regularly to avoid scratches from such exclusive and precious timepieces.

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Caring for your watch depends especially on the type of watch you have. Automatic watches are quite expensive and a touch of care of. Waterproof watches are quite easy to clean because it allows the users to use plain soap or water to clean it completely.

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