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The charm of love gets more intense when it is rightly supported by the backups of sacrifice, mutual understanding, and tolerance. Pixabay

By Salil Gewali

Love, especially between man and woman, has never failed to be less intriguing since time immemorial. This much-hyped culture of celebrating Valentine’s Day has added a new dimension to it. Perhaps a stream of romantic imageries and fantasies made an ordinary shepherd a poet, an ironsmith a philosopher. The charm of love gets more intense when it is rightly supported by the backups of sacrifice, mutual understanding, and tolerance. A wisdom that ‘don’t expect what you want from your beloved but readily accept what she/he has’ is definitely very important in love. A true lover is a generous and kind soul that just showers the warmth of love without any expectation in any aspect. Rightly, a lover can’t be a beggar.

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One finds the time-honored drama ‘Romeo and Juliet’ more fascinating for these values. Pixabay

But however, one is full of doubts if the love phenomenon these days is really carrying any proper sense. Looking at the filth of sexuality abnormally permeating the whole environment I don’t think that the blossom of love will ever be perpetually blooming. Just think why a solemn and exaggerated love-marriages of celebrity couples — Britney Spears and Kevin Federline did not last even for a couple of years. There are endless celebrities, such as Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris.., whose marital castles just fell like playing cards. Were they not sharing the “Valentine gifts” and singing love songs in a chorus? Why such celebrated lovebirds have been separating so easily, so early. Yesterday’s sweethearts just become bitter-hearts today. I believe perhaps something nastily vulgar phenomenon and environment overcharged with blatant sexualization and objectification are invariably preventing the flower of love to remain in eternal bloom. Needless to say, “sex” has been so heavily demonstrated and abused, the solemn marital relationship is now in the throes of chaos and acrimony.

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Well, nevertheless, in this time of festivity, I fervently wish this much cherished day of Valentine be solely intended for strengthening the bond of love with a complete sense of discipline and purity. Let this day serve to inspire each loving sweetheart to be more truthful to her/his beloved and help shed all the trappings of titillating modernity which perhaps only serving to defile the purity of love.

Salil Gewali is a well-known writer and author of ‘Great minds on India’. Twitter: @SGewali.


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