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20 best valentine’s day gift ideas for him & her

From stones, to pendants, to canvases and chocolate crates, here are 20 best ideas for a Valentine's day gift

With Valentine’s Day around the corner (14th February), you must be planning a lot of stuff for your loved one. We always face a lot of difficulties deciding what to gift our boyfriend or girlfriend. However, here’s a solution to all your problems at once!

From stones to pendants, to canvases and chocolate crates, here are 20 best ideas for Valentine’s day gift:

Valentine’s day gift for your girlfriend

1. Reasons I Love You Stones

These lovely stones could be used for a treasure hunt, as an adventurous way to let your girlfriend know why you love her.

2. Soul Mates Acrylic Heart

Gift this Soul Mates Acrylic Heart to your girlfriend as a beacon of you are ‘forever’ with her. So that every time she looks at it, she knows how much you love her.

3. Double Heart Pendant Necklace

A startling silver necklace, which has two interlocking open heart pendants. Make her close her eyes and tie this around her neck, it will turn out to be your perfect Valentine’s day.

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4. Seashell Ocean Escape Spa Basket

One thing is known, girls love spa! This is the simplest and most perfect Valentine’s Day gift anyone could think of.

5. Year Of Love Candles

Melt her love. Melt her love again and again with 12 candles, one for every month. Each of one engraved with a love-related word. You can present it in a wooden box to your girl.

Numerous Christian martyrs were named Valentine. Pixabay
Numerous Christian martyrs were named Valentine. Pixabay

6. Plush Teddy Bear

What do girls love other than spas? Teddy bears! Buy her a Plush Teddy bear and she will be all in your arms. You may have to share her love with the soft toy though.

7. A Bouquet Of Roses

The most romantic and classic way of making your girl happy is getting on your knees and presenting her with a bouquet of roses. It would you a perfect Valentine.

8. Tree Initials Wine Box

This Valentine’s day, toast the happy lovebirds.

9. Chocolate Cravings Crate

Won’t say this time that “Girls love chocolates!”, because everyone loves chocolates! Gifting her a Chocolate Crate is a perfect way to explore her sweet side and experience heaven.

10. Never Forget The Days Canvas

Show her you remember it all!

People celebrate Valentine's day as a token of expression of their affection to their loved one. Pixabay
People celebrate Valentine’s day as a token of expression of their affection to their loved one. Pixabay

Valentine’s day gift for your boyfriend

1. Big Activity Book For Couples

Grab him (and a pen), and get ready for fun! This activity book will make you work together for a sense of accomplishment through bonding.

2. Reasons Why Mug

Want to remind him every day how much and why you love him? Gift him coffee cups this Valentine’s Day with reasons why you love him carved on them.

3. Men Shave Set

This is the simplest way to a man’s heat. Rest assured.

4. Grow Old With Me Canvas Art

Want him to stay forever with you? Tell him you wish to grow old with him.

5. Men’s Wood Watch Case

Gift him a watch? Might be quite over your budget, isn’t it? Rather, gift him a classic wooden watch case to keep his watch.

Valentine's Day is celebrated all over the world, not only in India. Pixabay
Valentine’s Day is celebrated all over the world, not only in India. Pixabay

6. Stainless Steel Double Cigar Flask

If your man loves to smoke, a cigar flask would make him happy like no other gift.

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7. Leather Wallet

There is a general perception that girls don’t pay! Break this perception by gifting a wallet so he can keep his money safe.

8. Timeless Treasure Pocket Watch

Want him to remember you all the time? Give him a pocket watch this Valentine’s day.

9. Personalized Cufflinks

Get him personalized cufflinks, well because, even men need accessories.

10. Lightweight Cashmere Shawl

A cashmere shawl will surely make you two cuddle in it.



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