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Golden coloured velevt

Velvet fabric is often associated with grandeur, and is worn on special occasions. Its impeccable sheen lustre places its value higher than it actually may be. Across the world, it is used in creating designer wear, elaborate evening gowns, suits and tuxedos, and recently has been included in sportswear.

The fabric has the feel almost of fur, and this is because it is made from placing numerous threads together in line. Sometimes, the threads are all not of equal length and this creates a lovely effect. The cloth is mounted on a double loom and two layers of fibre is inserted into it. These threads may be silk or cotton depending on the quality of the fabric. They are even made of synthetic fibres, if they are to be used as upholstery.

Velvet is now considered the fabric that royals always wear on official ceremonies Velvet is also used in Upholstery Image credit: Photo by Unsplash

The idea of creating velvet is believed to have originated in either China or the Middle East. In these countries, it was associated with royalty. During the Renaissance, and via its trade through the Silk Road, it gained popularity in Europe. Velvet is now considered the fabric that royals always wear on official ceremonies. Since then, it has been a very expensive fabric, and irrespective of who wears, or how, it carried with it a certain grace and elegance.

Another fabric called Velour is often confused with Velvet. Velour is knitted together while Velvet is woven by hand. Velor les elegant but used extensively. Many celebrities have launched their own lines and most of it is made using velour.

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