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Ways to Add the Trending Colour ‘Blue’ in Your Life

Add a little "Blue" in style to go with the trend


Every year since 2000 the US-based Pantone Color Institute chooses a colour that symbolises cultural, fashion trends of the year. This year it’s “Classic Blue”.

Blue signifies serenity, calmness and what matches the infinite vastness of water bodies, the oceans and the sky. So, step out and shop for some new additions to your wardrobe with more little “Blue”? Here are some ways you can add the in-trend hue to your style.

Furniture and interior decor

Keeping the colour of the room blue, adds a soothing effect. A few accent pieces, objects, cushions etc also add to the mood.

Think of a beautiful blue china glass flower vase or cozy and comfy upholstery in Classic blue.


Add a dash coolness to your look by embracing accessories in the shades of blue. Go for a wristwatch, glares in the calming colour to stay on point in the fashion game.

Blue colour
Keeping the colour of the room blue, adds a soothing effect. Pixabay


If you are bored of the same old black-grey shadows, amp up your look now with a blue eyeshadow. Opt for a glam blue smokey eye look to celebrate the fashionista in you. If you want stay a cut above, go for a pair of blue-hued contact lens to grab the eyeball.

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While Blue has been a staple in our denim routine, we can also diversify it in our various other sartorial choices. Why not try a blue saree or a simple scarf with plain white shirt or kurta? The possibilities are endless when it comes to experimenting with the colour. (IANS)



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