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Life Hacks : 5 Great Ways To Increase Your Car’s Fuel Mileage

In the present scenario, only three things are sure to only spiral upwards - taxes, demise and the cost of oil!

Find out how you can improve your car's gas mileage with a few simple tips. Pixabay

New Delhi, September 16, 2017 : It can be rightly believed that one could just depend on two things in life – taxes and death. But times have changed and circumstances are different today. In the present situation, there are three things; taxes, demise and the cost of oil spiraling everlastingly upwards.

With the gas costs proceeding to move high and higher, expanding your car’s fuel mileage is the most ideal approach to ensure your wallet. Read on to know how!

  1. Driving Habits

  • Back off. The speedier you move, the harder your motor needs to work to push through the air. Speeding can decrease fuel proficiency by up to 33%. (Factors other than air resistance diminish mileage below around 60 mph (97 km/h), so efficiency is not motivation to go slower, but rather mileage diminishes quickly over that speed).
  • Accelerate smoothly with direct throttle. Motors are most proficient with decently high wind current (throttle) and at revolutions per moment (RPM)s up to their energy crest. You should hone ‘short shifting’, or changing to higher gears when you achieve your coveted speed by skipping middle riggings.
  • Abstain from braking wherever possible. Braking wastes vitality from fuel that you have effectively consumed, and accelerating in the wake of braking expends more fuel than driving at a consistent speed.
  1. Tyre Essentials

    Tyre examination should be a part of your Sunday schedule. Pixabay
  • Check your tyre weights consistently – you can make it a part of your Sunday schedule. All motoring magazines reveal to you a similar thing and that is on purpose – In the event that your tyre weights are low, you will be expanding the moving resistance of the tyre and that will be ransacking your fuel effectiveness – your gas mileage will be down. Appropriately inflated tyres can diminish fuel utilization by up to 3. Having appropriately swelled tires will additionally enable you to maintain safety against uneven wear on the tread.
  • Select the narrowest tyres for your vehicle that will fulfill your driving style and requests. Slender tyres have less frontal range, consequently lessening streamlined drag. Use the size of tyres that came stock on the vehicle- special emphasis should be paid to not use a tyre that is contradictory with your wheels. You may use smaller wheels only if your car producer supports.
  1. An In-order Engine

An appropriately tuned engine augments control and can incredibly upgrade fuel effectiveness. You must make sure of all the functions of your car; from keeping great spark plugs, changing the oil on time, ensuring the air filter clean, and so on.

  1. Lighten Your Car Weight

  • Weight is one of the greatest foundations for loss of motor vitality in non-mixture autos. Generally, additional 50 kg builds fuel utilization by 1– 2%.
  • Get the lightest car that will serve your necessities. On the off chance, the seats that you don’t utilize can be evacuated. If you utilize your trunk as a storage room for substantial things, discover somewhere else for them.
  1. Fuel

    Good fuel is necessary to provide power to the vehicle. Pixabay
  • When you top off with gas, fill up midway and attempt to keep your tank over one quarter full. You could put influence on the fuel pump on the off chance that your fuel runs short. However, 10 gallons (which is an equivalent of 37.9 L) of fuel includes additional approximately 17.5 kg of weight. A tank that has been filled till half the capacity may build your mileage.
  • Purchase quality fuel. Remember that while “discounted” fuel may spare you a couple of rupees for every L or Gal, it can contain a higher level of ethanol, which consumes at a quicker rate. For better yield out of your cash, look at the mileage between fuel organizations and see what is best for your car.

Practically speaking, in case you religiously adhere to the above focuses (from an administration of previously undertaking nothing specific or common), you should hope to see a mpg change of around 15% which is completely conceivable. If you at present drive quite forcefully, or at high speeds, much more noteworthy increases may be conceivable. That would be uplifting news for both your carbon impression and your wallet.

You can thank me later!

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How to File Car Insurance Claim in Case of Theft?

It is a comprehensive cover for personal accidents, natural and man-made damage caused to the vehicle. Filing a vehicle insurance claim after the theft of an automobile is not the same as filing the claim for any other reason.

Filing a vehicle insurance claim after the theft of an automobile is not the same as filing the claim for any other reason.
Representational Image, Pixabay

You buy your dream car to travel every part of the country with luxury. How would you react on discovering that your car is missing? Someone stole your car. This is when your motorcar insurance comes into the picture. It is a comprehensive cover for personal accidents, natural and man-made damage caused to the vehicle. Filing a vehicle insurance claim after the theft of an automobile is not the same as filing the claim for any other reason. Theft is the total loss of value of the automobile and is equal to the complete destruction of the car in an accident that causes it to be written off as scrap. Car theft in India is widespread and some instances happen daily. Every day, 105 cars were stolen in the year 2016-17 (Ref: Indpaedia). To make a claim with motor insurance companies in India, your vehicle needs to be covered under the comprehensive insurance policy which includes third party cover, a loss or damage to the vehicle, accident, theft, and risks against natural calamities.

Here is how you can file a car insurance claim in case of theft

FIR – The insured must lodge the First Information Report (FIR) immediately. It is an official proof of the fact that the car has been stolen. It is the first and an important step to file your claim. Without this, you cannot claim your insurance. The car insurance cover requires the owner to take all the responsible steps to recover the loss due to the lost vehicle.

Theft is the total loss of value of the automobile and is equal to the complete destruction of the car in an accident that causes it to be written off as scrap.
Representational Image, Pixabay

Informing the Regional Transport Office – One should notify the RTO about the theft of the vehicle. It will ensure that the thief does not transfer the vehicle to his or her name. One should inform the RTO in writing and submit the acknowledgement to the car insurance company. A copy of the RC book with a stolen endorsement must be obtained from the RTO. It should be submitted to the insurer.

Submit original car documents – To file a claim, the car owner should submit the original vehicle insurance policy document, tax invoices for the last year and other documents of the car.

Acknowledgement from car loan provider – If your car loan is not yet repaid, then you are bound to inform the lender and obtain a response from them. You should also submit the latest loan statements to indicate the total amount due.

Claim Form – Call the customer service centre of the insurance company and fill the claim form by giving all the necessary information which includes policy number, vehicle details, time and description of the incident. You will be required to submit the duly signed claim form, copies of the Registration Certificate (RC) of the vehicle, policy document and driving license.

Closure report – The police will try to investigate the loss and try to recover the car and submit their report stating that the vehicle could not be found. The court will close the case after this and a No Trace certificate will be submitted to the insurance company. The payout will be made only after the document is submitted.

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Other documents – Your identity proof and a copy of your driving license should be submitted to the insurance company. Additionally, you will be required to provide an NOC for transfer of the vehicle to the insurance company along with a letter of indemnity on a stamp paper. You will have to transfer the RC of the stolen vehicle in favour of the company, hand over all sets of keys and give a letter of subrogation to the insurance company. Finally, you hand the documents over to the insurance company and claim.

Every insurance company follows the steps mentioned above for the acceptance and reimbursement of the claim. However, it is crucial for the vehicle owner to take immediate action and report the theft to the authorities. Motor Insurance companies in India offer quick processing and approval of the claim if you have purchased comprehensive motor insurance. It is important to note that in case the vehicle is taken on a loan, the insurer will have to reimburse the payout amount to the financier, and if there is any excess amount, it will be borne by the insured.