Wearing khadi twice a week is mandatory: Bihar Government to its employees

Image credits: Indian Express

In a series of developments that are allegedly believed to have stemmed from the Nitish Kumar-Narendra Modi turf war, Bihar Government has passed an order mandating employees to wear khadi clothes two days a week. What apparel should be worn hasn’t been specified as of now.

According to a national daily, Chief Secretary Anjan Kumar Singh has written to head of departments and universities directing the same.

In a statement given to PTI, Food and Civil supplies minister, Shyam Rajak said that encouraging greater use of the hand-spun fabric in the state was aimed at promoting high ideals as khadi was the symbol of the country’s independence.

Speaking further in favour of the decision, he said that greater use of khadi would promote production and would boost employment among youths.

In response to whether this was an effort to divert attention from the Yoga publicity by BJP, he said, “Two streams of ideology was flowing in the country today — one is of Gandhiji and the other of Nathuram Godse. While we aim to promote high ideals of Mahatama Gandhi, the BJP is for encouraging the beliefs of Godse, the killer of the Father of the Nation.”

He added, “It has nothing to do with Yoga Day…It is just a way to follow the Gandhian way of life. Why should anyone have a problem?”

Energy Minister, Bijendra Yadav said, “Yoga is purely a personal affair and it should not be celebrated outside… it is like keeping your faith in religion, sacred texts and other things. So the Bihar Government has nothing to do with Yoga day.”

According to a report in The Hindu, political analyst N.K. Chaudhury says that this is more likely a political move than a promotional step for khadi. He asks, “Why else has such a directive been issued now, coinciding with the BJP’s Yoga Day programme?”

Reportedly, no employees’ union has objected to the directive.