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West Bengal Pollution Control Board bans Sale and Use of Firecrackers over 90 Decibels

Pollution created by Fire crackers in India, VOA

Kolkata, May 10, 2017: The West Bengal Pollution Control Board has ordered a complete ban on sale and use of firecrackers generating noise of more than 90 decibels, an official said on Wednesday.

“The maximum permissible noise level of the firecrackers at the time of bursting within the state must not exceed 90-decibel impulse noise at five metre from the source,” board chairman Kalyan Rudra said.

The fresh orders are in conformity with the directive issued by the National Green Tribunal.

As per the order, “there shall be complete ban on sale and use of firecrackers generating noise more than 90 decibel impulse at a distance of five metre in Bengal.”

The directive also calls for barring bursting sound emitting firecrackers between 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.

“There shall be complete ban on bursting of any kind of firecrackers in silence zones,” the order said. (IANS)

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Alarming Pollution Levels Causing Eye Problems in Delhi

"See an eye doctor as soon as possible and avoid prolonged exposure of eyes to pollution," the experts added

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Delhi air quality continues to be 'very poor'. VOA

With pollution levels reaching alarming levels in the national capital, ophthalmologists have observed a sharp rise in the number of patients suffering from eye problems including allergy, burning and itching.

According to Ikeda Lal, an opthalmologist at the Delhi Eye Centre and Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in New Delhi, pollutants and dust in the air is one of the major reasons for causing eye allergy and other related problems.

“We are observing an increase in number of patients coming to us with complains of redness, itching, watering in the eyes. Patients with pre-existing dry eyes are experiencing exacerbation due to high pollution,” Lal said.

He added that opthalmologists were observing almost increase of 30-35 per cent in the number of patients coming with eye-related problems.

“Due to increasing pollution, there is increase in the incidence of dry eye and ocular allergy. This is causing discomfort even in normal eyes and aggravates the eye complaints in eyes that are prone to dryness and allergies,” said Rajesh Sinha, Professor of Ophthalmology, AIIMS.

“If care is not taken immediately, some of these eyes can have reduced vision due to this problem as well,” he added.

People in India are also at a risk of developing cardiovascular diseases due to the air pollution. Pixabay

Lal also said that people with complains of itching in the eyes are likely to suffer from allergic eye disease.

Patients with pre-existing dry eyes may experience excessive dryness, irritation and burning due to ocular surface inflammation.

In case of any eye related problems, consulting an ophthalmologist is recommended and exposure to polluted air should be minimized, the doctor said.

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To deal with eye related allergies caused due to pollution, Doctors suggests that do not rub eyes if they itch, wash eyes with clean water; repeat if it still feels uncomfortable, cold compresses also help in relieving mild itching.

“See an eye doctor as soon as possible and avoid prolonged exposure of eyes to pollution,” the experts added. (IANS)