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This is What The Song “Bol Re Dilli Bol” Reverberates

The song Bol Re Dilli Bol is a fraction of the nearing Documentary series~ "Transparency: Pardarshita"

By Kashish Rai

 Before starting this article on the Song, let us start with a brief story~ Nearly 8 Years ago, a new political party called the “AAM AADMI PARTY” (AAP) traced its genesis out of India Against Corruption Movement (Popularly known as Anna Andolan) in the National Capital of Delhi with a promise of bringing change in the political system and proving an auxiliary politics based on Financial Transparency, Internal Vigilance and Decentralisation of Power.

 Then, because of these delectable promises, the citizens of Delhi Trusted the Party~ but gradually when this party (AAP) came into power, it demolished their fundamentals which eventually  lead to the carnage of the trust of Thousands of people who inevitably dreamt of a Corruption free India.

Still, the AAP has lead no stone unturned to bamboozle the citizens of Delhi by every means. Now at this very time, the song “Bol Re Dilli Bol” has made a headway as a fervour that has called attention to Political Corruption and all the counterfeits of Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi.

You can listen the song Here~

  • What is The idea Behind “Bol Re Dilli Bol”

 The song Bol Re Dilli Bol is a fraction of the nearing Documentary series~ “Transparency: Pardarshita”. It is a manful song sung by famous bollywood singer Kailash Kher and is Produced by Dr. Munish Raizada who has himself been a part of AAP. The beguiling lyrics of the song has been written by Mr. Annu Rizvi and composed by Pravesh Mallick.

This song has not been composed due to propaganda purpose but it reflects the sole contemplation of the discomposure of the Party’s Core Volunteers altogether who gave their everything to make India Corruption Free.

Dr. Munish Raizada through his documentary and this song has tried to call attention of all the people of Delhi to see the actuality and ascertain the counterfeits of Aam Aadmi Party~ Be it Political Funding, Fiddle Promises, Lack of Civic System and Amenities etc.

  • Why You Should See “Bol Re Dilli Bol” As The Song Of Every “Common Man”

 The Aam Aadmi Party has always deluded people with its “Common Man” propaganda but trenchantly, it has itself been a cause for putting many traps for the common man in every way. The song “Bol Re Dilli Bol” delineates the sentiment of every common man who stands hoodwinked by the fallacious principles of Aam Aadmi Party.

The song Bol Re Dilli Bol is a fraction of the nearing Documentary series~ “Transparency: Pardarshita”. Twitter

Just as the title of the Documentary, the song highlights all the plaintive issues engendered by AAP with utmost “Transparency”.

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This song is not just a piece of Music based on a peculiar theme, but it is the celebration of truth, candour and certitude that comes straight from the heart of every upright citizen. It calls on all the citizens of the capital to raise their voice against the deliberate injustice and subversions of Aam Aadmi Party.
















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