Where To Farm Renown In WoW Shadowlands

Get it for your Covenant

WoW shadowlands
In WoW Shadowlands, players will ally with one of four Covenants. Flickr

By Daisy M. Marino

The new World of Warcraft expansion brings along a new type of reputation, Renown, to farm. It’s a currency like WoW gold, but you use it for different things. It is also a measure of your progress and standing in your chosen Covenant and you use it to upgrade your Sanctum. You can also use Renown to strengthen Soulbinds. There are four Covenants you can gather Renown for, Kyrian, Necrolords, Night Fae, and Venthyr.

These four Covenants have their own roles and purposes in the Afterlife. As a being who has a foot in both the worlds of the living and dead, you have the choice to align with a Covenant of your choosing.

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The Four Covenants

The Kyrian resides in Bastion, and they are in charge of guiding the dead into the afterlife. They value righteousness and virtue and are called to a life of eternal service. Those who aren’t ready for that kind of eternity may still seek the Covenant to lighten their burdens through meditation and reflection.

The Necrolords represent the military of the WoW Shadowlands in Maldraxxus. They value strength and ascribe to the saying ‘survival of the fittest’. To them, the weak deserve failure for their inability to excel. Though that leads to many believing that this Covenant is evil, it is not. Power isn’t inherently evil, it’s how you use it.

WoW shadowlands
Four Covenants have their own roles and purposes in the Afterlife. Flickr

The Night Fae in Ardenweald is the counterpart of the Kyrian for powerful nature souls. They also represent the cycle of death and rebirth. They guide these souls for eventual rest and rebirth and their realm is the mirror to the Emerald Dream.

The Venthyr of Revendreth seeks to reform those who have the spark of redemption in otherwise irredeemable souls. These souls then have a choice of either becoming a Punisher for the Covenant or to move on to another.

Gaining Renown

Now that you’ve chosen a Covenant, you can gather Renown for it. Unlike Artifact Power and Azerite Power, you can only farm so much Renown in a week. Don’t be too zealous in farming it or you might waste your effort.

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Many activities in WoW Shadowland will reward you with Renown. In fact, merely going through your Covenant’s story already earns you Renown. There are also side missions and tasks to do that will give you the points in question. Besides that, there are weekly raids and callings to do for more Renown. Lastly, you can collect Anima for the Covenants or journey to the Maw to save souls trapped in Torghast tower.

Be careful not to go over the weekly limit too much. You can waste your effort into completing tasks but receive no rewards for it. At any rate, you shouldn’t have to buy WoW gold to complete these tasks with proper prior investments.

Remember to have fun in WoW Shadowlands!

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