White Stone Bearing Buddhist Architechture Found in Collapsed Hindu Temple in Andhra Pradesh

Representational image. Wikimedia Commons.

Andhra Pradesh, November 24, 2016: In a Hindu temple site at Ghantasala village in Krishna district, a white stone wheel bearing Buddhist architectural carvings was found.

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According to the locals, the height of the wheel is almost two and a half feet which is dated back to 2nd century B.C. The wheel was found by the villagers, when they were collecting some construction materials at the Visweswara temple which collapsed a few years ago.

According to The Hindu, Buddhist Monk Banteji said, “Portrayals of a cow, horse, and an elephant are carved on the wheel. The Buddhist remain arguably belongs to the construction of the Buddhist stupa. The engravings are clearly visible and the wheel is in a great shape.”

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Mr. Banteji and some other Buddhist scholars are occupied in establishing the history and is also trying to find out its connection with the village, where the Buddhist stupa is in good shape and is being conserved by the Archaeological Survey of India(ASI).

Mr. Banteji further added, “We have to take up a deep study to examine the wheel belongs to which Buddhist site in Krishna district.”

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The Buddhist architectural wheel would be displayed at the ASI museum here.

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