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Adopting these Ancient Food Practices Will Help You to Live a Healthy Life

These ancient practices listed by Times Food offers a number of ways to stay nourished and grow healthy food-habits

cuisines of India, culinary culture
Ancient food practices. Pixabay
  • The simple daily kitchen-habits that we had inherited from our forefathers and hardly follow these days; are not only good manners but also effective and healthy
  • One should chew his food well for better digestion and avoid conversing while eating to focus on chewing
  • Cooking using the earthen-utensils adds various essential minerals into the food, hence one must inculcate that habit

August 11, 2017: Food is what cheers the soul of a being and nourishes the physique. The Mediterranean culinary-culture and traditions have always made a huge impact on the rise and fall of kingdoms in the land. It is food that affects the well-being and growth of a civilization.

The simple daily kitchen-habits that we had inherited from our forefathers and hardly follow these days; are not only good manners but also impactful and healthy. Hence, we should make it a habit to practice some of the following activities listed by Times Food, in order to stay nourished and healthy.

  • Having early breakfast

Romans had a habit of having breakfast right after the sunrise. The practice dates back to the ancient era and it is actually healthy for one to have a nourished, fresh meal in the morning. Celebrity dietician Rujuta Diwekar said to Times Food, that one should have breakfast within 15 minutes after waking up to lose weight. Skipping or delaying breakfast harms and reduces the metabolic process.

Breakfast platter. Pixabay

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  • Avoiding talking while having food

One should chew his food well for better digestion and avoid conversing while eating to focus on chewing. Also, one might choke on his food while talking and trying to gulp it down without chewing well. That is why, talking while eating, is not wise.

Girl eating a burger. Pixabay

  • Not contaminating the food with saliva

It is silly to use a hand-sanitizer before eating to avoid contamination; and then sharing food from the same plate, having a bite from what a friend is eating, or sipping a drink from the same glass. The saliva of a person contaminates the food and it is an extremely unhygienic practice which one must avoid to stay healthy.

Having food
Having food using a fork. Pixabay

  • Sitting on the floor

Experts suggest that sitting on the floor cross-legged while having food is a ‘yogic posture’ that helps in better blood circulation in the abdominal muscles, leading to better digestion. Hence, ditching the dining table is one good idea to follow.

Food platter
Food served in a Thali on the floor. Wikimedia

  • Eating foods using hands

It is not unhygienic but actually a very healthy habit to consume one’s food with clean hands, as experts say that it is another ‘yogic position’ that activates our sensory-organs and also signals the brain to release digestive hormones. Therefore, one should try out this practice.

Having food
Having food using hands. Wikimedia

  • Not stocking up cooked food for a long time

Dietitians and experts say that frozen and stocked-up foods lead to multiple lifestyle-diseases. The longer the cooked meal is stocked, the more it loses its nutritious values. That is why one should consume fresh food and piping-hot items to stay healthy.

  • Dining early

When one dines early, the body gets proper time to digest the food before he goes to sleep; which results in the body not being able to pile up weight. Hence, it is wise to dine early.


  • Cooking using clay-pots

Cooking using the earthen-utensils adds various essential minerals into the food. Also, due to the alkaline nature of the earthen-pots, acidic food mixes well maintaining its PH balance. That is why it is a healthy practice to cook the meal in clay-made utensils.

Clay-pots for keeping spices and food. Pixabay

These ancient practices listed by Times Food offers a number of ways to stay nourished and grow healthy food habits. Wait no more and start following these the soonest!

-prepared by Antara Kumar of NewsGram. Twitter: @ElaanaC

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How to Quit Smoking with Quick and Effective Results? 12 Tips to Give You a Healthy Life Without Smoking!

Give a try to the following tips to quit smoking and enjoy a healthy and smoke-free life without nicotine

Quit Smoking
Quit Smoking with these easy steps. Pixabay.

Smoking does kill you from within and lowers your stability and productivity. It leads to chronic and deadly diseases which will keep you frustrated all the while. Now that you are already aware of smoking cessation, are you trying to quit smoking since days but to no avail? Not sure how to effectively quit smoking cigarettes?

You must give a try to the following tips to quit smoking and enjoy a healthy and smoke-free life without nicotine.

Make an honest list of things about your likes and dislikes about smoking

Quit smoking
Make a list about likes and dislikes of smoking. Pixabay.

Take a paper and jot down the points of your likes and dislikes about smoking both on either sides of the page. Ponder over your list and make necessary changes. If possible, try to get feedback from your family or friends to know their opinion about smoking. Make a list of how smoking interferes with your daily life. When the negative side seems to escalate the positive side, you know that you need to quit smoking right now.

Write down all your reasons for quitting

Well, you already know who are your precious ones that you don’t want to give over smoking. Your wife, husband, daughter, son, parents, …are the ones who had love to see you quit smoking without being selfish.

Prepare a list of why quitting won’t be easy

Be strict with yourself when it comes to quit smoking. Make a list of immediate and broad reasons of difficulty that can arise in your way to quit smoking. Write your reason of difficulty along with an alternate solution to overcome it. Stress more on the possible alternatives that you can take to pass that unhealthy habit.

Fix up a quit date

Quit smoking
Fix up a date to quit smoking. Pixabay.

Set up a dateline to quit smoking on that specific day. Include a witness who pushes you to quit smoking, to sign in along with you.

Stop buying cartons of cigarettes

Try to buy only a packet at a time and carry the least in your pocket. So for the next time, when you had the urge to smoke, you wont have one handy. This will decrease your urge into continuous smoking.

Prepare a list of things to do when a craving hits

Include activities which you can do very easily at any moment. Some of them to add in your list: take a nap, take a short walk, drink water, kiss your partner or child, involve in outdoor sport or with your pet, wash the car, have sex, chew a piece of gum, wash your face, brush your teeth, make a cup of coffee or tea, practice your deep breathing. Make multiple copies of the list and keep updating on the one that you carry all the while in the process to quit smoking.

Collect all the money you’re saving on cigarettes in a large glass jar

Quit smoking
Collect money in a jar that you would have spent on smoking. Pixabay.

Get to know the amount that you had been spending on smoking and that if you quit smoking, this money could help you travel all your dreams. You had go on a vacation as an incentive to yourself or maybe spend lavishly at a five star rated restaurant that you thought you could never afford.

Find a healthy snack food or Switch to herbal tea 

Quit Smoking
While you quit smoking, drink herbal tea. Pixabay.

Quit smoking by having a healthy diet. Add nutrient-rich food that will stop your craving for smoking. Drink herbal tea whenever necessary, it will reduce your stress level and work in the same way smoking relieved you. If you are worried about weight gain, eat sunflower seeds, sugar-free lollipops, or gum, or carrot or nuts.

Post your list in a visible location in your house

Quit smoking
Quit smoking by putting down the list infront of you. Pixabay.

Whenever you feel tempted to light up a cigarette, take a look at your list stating all the ways smoking can and affect and damage your health:
• Increases risk of bladder, pancreatic, lung, mouth, and other cancers, including leukemia

• Increases risk of diabetes

  • Increases heart diseases, Alzheimer’s disease and high blood pressure

• Leads to depression, anger, Affects mental capacity and memory

• Contributes to thin bones and reduces fertility

• Affects ability to smell and taste

• May harm the premature babies by resulting in low-birth-weight.

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To minimize cravings, change your routine for good

Whenever the urge deepens, you need to sit back and breathe for a moment. Change your daily timings when you were supposed to smoke. Alter this list and write down the things you’d like to include in your healthy life and quit smoking.

Inform your Dear ones: Family, friends, Colleagues about how you feel to quit smoking

Quit Smoking
Inform your friends about your decision to quit smoking. Pixabay.

Don’t hesitate to share your feelings about your decision to quit smoking. Just open up with the ones who would be proud to hear about your attempts to quit smoking. If you’re having mood swings of emotions with anger and patience mixed up, try to accept what improvements are still required to be covered.

If you miss out and skip, just start over again

It’s just this simple. Maybe you could have failed, but there’s always an end to an unhealthy way of life if you try. Get yourself succesful this time to quit smoking and prove wrong to the opposed around you.

-Prepared by Bhavana Rathi of NewsGram. Twitter @tweet_bhavana

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5 Events Of November Which Are Ideal For Family Vacations

Events in November which will give you a vacation mood.
Events in November which will give you a vacation mood. Wikimedia.

As we approach the year’s end, Indians not just bid adieu to their summer outfits but also welcome the festival seasons. October and November are two months in India which are full of cultural events and festivals, which make these months, the ideal time for going on family vacations.

Below are the events of November 2017 which you will regret missing. They are worth the try for family vacations:

1.  Dev Deepavali, Varanasi

family vacations
Representational Image. The ghat of holy city Varanasi. 

Varanasi, the holiest city of India, celebrated Dev Deepavali on Kartik Poornima every year. The festival is celebrated with joy. The ghats of Varanasi are lit with beautiful diyas (earthen lamps). God is believed to have descended to the banks of Ganges, to take a holy dip. The festival will take place on November 3, 2017.

 2. Dharamsala International Film Festival

Filmmaker, cinema buffs or all those people interested in the art of films come together of Dharamsala International Film Festival (DIFF). This film festival will witness filmmakers coming from different regions to show films on various issues- socially relevant, contemporary etc. DIFF will take place from November 2 to November 5. If you are a movie buff, then you should immediately pack your bags and seal a date for attending the festival.

3. Pushkar Camel Fair, Rajasthan

Family vacations
Representational Image. Camel Fair is celebrated in Pushkar. Pixabay

Pushkar Camel fair, a cattle fair, in Pushkar which truly defines the real meaning of culture. The Pushkar Camel Fair has been in tradition for a very long time. The fair attracts a huge crowd every year. One of the most ideal and happy places for family vacations. It will take place between 23rd October to 4th November.

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4. NH7 Weekender

The five seasons old Indian multi-city music festival has indeed garnered a lot of attention and love from the musically inclined youngsters across the country. It is a combination of national and international studies coming together. In Meghalaya, the event will take place from October 27 to October 28.

5. Guru Purab

family vacations
Sikhs celebrating Guru Purab. Wikimedia.

Guru Purab, one of the most important festivals for Sikhs. The golden temple celebrates it with a lot of joy. The celebration which Amritsar witnesses at this time are unbelievable. It will take place on November 2017. Golden temple is indeed one of the best places for family vacations.

-by Megha Acharya of NewsGram.  She can be reached at @ImMeghaacharya.

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Rituals Exist in All Cultures and they are Important

Rituals play a prominent role in every culture

Ancient Indian Religion.

Hinduism is a practice, which is known for its rich rituals. From the Vedic ages, Hindus perform certain activities right from the time they wake up in the morning until the time they sleep. These activities may include, Pooja (worshipping lord) and Karya (Working), which integrate their culture. The events manifest a certain beauty, without which Hinduism is incomplete.

Different sects of Hindus worship different deities. Various Poojas are held for different festivities and occasions called the ‘Utsavas’. People during different festivals not just gather to worship the god, but also come together to celebrate life, with beautiful colours, clothes and delicious food. This itself proves that rituals manifest the beauty and celebration of life in Hinduism.

Meaning Of Rituals:

However, certain sections of the society have a preconceived notion about the rituals Hindus perform, which leads to them being called ‘superstitious’ or ‘overtly religious’. But is it fair to tag them? What is the meaning of the ritual? Ritual can be any activity which you perform. It is a way of communication. A teacher teaching his or her students can be a ritual. A mother feeding her baby is a ritual. Ritual is a generic term, which must not be linked with traditions, religion and beliefs? And, even if it is associated with these customs, then Hinduism should not be the only target. Every religion follows some beliefs. For example, a Muslim reading Namaz is a ritual; Christians visiting church on every Sunday is a ritual or Thanksgivings, when people have dinners with their friends and families. Hindus may have more rituals to act on than Muslims or Christians, but this gives no one the right to invalidate their belief. The rituals which Hindus perform don’t just have a connection with God, but also scientific reasons behind them. For example, Surya Namaskar is good for health as facing the light at that time of the day is good for your eyes, and makes you a morning person.

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The reason why people not like rituals is due to their stifling and obligatory nature. Since our childhood, we have been asked to adhere to certain activities, and never taught the reason behind them. This develops disconnection towards them.

Benefits Of Rituals:

Rituals should be seen as art. We must not do it for the sake of doing it. We must sense its meaning like we sense the meaning of art. There is a side of these customs which we don’t want as well, but at the end of the day, they generate a sense of unity and belongingness. They bind you as a community. As long as we live as humans, these practices will have an integral role to play in our life, which can not be neglected.

by Megha Acharya of NewsGram.      Megha can be reached at Twitter @ImMeghaacharya.