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Vegetarian Food. Pixabay

London, August 12, 2017: The world is facing a new trend – ‘Go Vegan’! You might be a meat-lover, but what’s trending is the influx of vegetarianism amongst people.

But why is it so?…

Around 28 per cent of meat-eating Brits have reduced their meat consumption in the last six months, a new report by industry analysts Mintel claims, with 14 per cent expressing interest in limiting meat and poultry in their diets in the future, mentioned The Independent report.

Here are 7 reasons why a great percentage of British people are turning to a vegetarian life:

1. Animal welfare

To avoid being a double standard for supporting animal welfare and then gorging meat, many people have completely stopped eating meat. People have woke up to the animal abuse and feel they have an ethical obligation towards them. This is one of the reasons in Britain with as many as 54 percent people citing it. Popular films like ‘Cowspiracy’ and ‘Forks Over Knives’ have also elucidated on animal atrocities.

2. Health concerns

Nearly 49 percent Brits referred health concern alone as the reason for reducing their meat intake, with them admitting that too much meat might be bad for them. Many studies have also shown that meat intake increases the risk of heart disease. A Netflix documentary, ‘What The Health’, went far ahead to claim that eating one egg was as bad as smoking five cigarettes a day.

3. Weight management

Social media has been conducive in spreading body positivity, however, it cannot be overlooked that obesity, a major concern in America and a serious health danger, is increasing among the urban populace of India too. Studies revealed that a vegetarian diet is more useful for weight loss, as opposed to a meat-driven diet. Hence, for 29 per cent Britons, losing weight has taken precedence over meat.

4. Health food bloggers

Many health bloggers have emerged in different-social media platforms, motivating netizens to get fit. Plant-based bloggers like Deliciously Ella have been an influential force on almost 16 per cent British citizens who decided to leave the meat for a salubrious lifestyle. Emma Clifford, the senior food analyst at Mintel explains, “Following a meat-free diet is likely to be aspirational to many consumers and social media is playing an important role in the attraction of this endeavor.”

5. Environmental worries

The youth are aware of the ever increasing environmental concerns they would have to face in near future. People under 25 constituted the majority of vegetarians who cited environmental concern as their top reason. Clifford explains, “Flagging up that consumers are making a choice which is good for the environment and which can help to create a greener future in the long-term is likely to be a persuasive selling point.”

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6. Public campaigns

Campaigns like Meat-free Mondays, supported by Jamie Oliver, National Vegetarian Week, and Veganuary have been a motivating factor behind the green lifestyle. About 39 percent of meat reducers have attributed to such campaigns as motivation.

7. Money

What could be a greater motivation than saving money? A chicken burger costs more than the veggie burger, or in other words, food expenses are higher for meat eaters.



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