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Custom writing services have helped lots of students with their essays and research papers.

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It’s difficult to pass through college without using the services of custom writers. With tons of assignments, essays and research papers, plus fees and the hustle to work extra hours, opting for a custom writing services saves the day on most deadlines.

How do you get the right service that is free of plagiarism?

Due to the high demand for custom writing services, the number of websites that offers these services have hit the sky in recent times.

Without proper research, you may end up hiring the services of an incompetent company that will cause you to lose your money, end up with a poor grade, or even charged for plagiarism.

Already wondering if you really need a custom writing service?

Yes, it’s going to save your ass if you don’t want to miss out on your project.

And yes, we are going to take you through how to pay attention to the services offered by custom writers to help you avoid incompetent providers.

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Most reliable custom writing services will allow you to check for plagiarism after providing you a comprehensive plagiarism report for free.

Let’s get started!

Problems with custom writing services

For you to identify the right custom writing providers, you need to understand the issues associated with the company that offers these services. It’s easy to hire the services of a quack custom writer, and of course, they are lots of them.  They will rip you off and leave you with bad work. Here is what you need to watch out for when hiring a custom writing service.


Plagiarism is the most common problem associated with most custom writing services. It’s not just a problem of incompetence, plagiarism is a big issue that could get you in trouble. Colleges have a long tradition of carrying out plagiarism check on all essay and research paper under their belt.

custom writing
Most fraudulent companies do not offer revisions, and when they do, they try to rip you offer again by asking you to pay for further editing.

Submitting a plagiarized paper will put you in an awkward position which may lead to legal actions against you. So if your provider was careless with the process of writing your essay and have you submit a plagiarized paper, you risk getting through out of school and even thrown into jail.

So when you see accustom writing service provider that offers essays that are cheap and come handy within a few hours what out, such providers are likely to plagiarize their articles. The software used by universities to filter plagiarized papers is stronger than most other checks you will find online, it’s apparently a wrong move to hire a lousy provider.

How to pick a plagiarism-free custom writing provider

There are other problems with hiring the wrong custom writing provider, but in this article, we are going to treat plagiarism squarely. If you are going to hire a custom writing provider, you need to get the best service for every cent.

How do you do that? You need some guarantee that your provider will not screw you. Have a look at the company’s guarantees and see whether they assure you that the content will be unique. The presented example is one of the leading custom writing services –


Here are some more key points you need know when seeking plagiarism-free writing services.

Great recommendations from previous users

Your first move is to carry out a little research on the company or website you are about to hire and find out reviews of earlier clients or projects they have handled in the past.

This is a great pointer and will help you decide if your chosen provider is reliable. Of course, you don’t have to believe the reviews you see on their website. There are reliable review sites where you can find useful information on the provider you are about to hire.

Excellent customer service

The ideal custom writing provider should offer a satisfactory level of customer service. This is possible when the company is organized and values the level of trust you are about to place on them. If you are not satisfied with their customer service or think it’s going to be a problem, then it’s a sign you back off.

Free revisions

Watch out for the revision policy of a custom writing company before you go ahead and make any financial commitment.

Most fraudulent companies do not offer revisions, and when they do, they try to rip you offer again by asking you to pay for further editing.

A reputable company should offer free revisions as long as your demands are reasonable. They should also provide you with extra services like formatting, title page, bibliography and online structure for free.


Another important factor you need to consider when hiring a custom writing company is the guarantee offered by such company. The right company should be able to provide the following guarantees:

  • 100% money-back with no questions asked
  • Up-to-date sources
  • Confidentiality
  • Copyrights on every paper

Your choice company should offer you the above guarantees. Fraudulent companies will kick against such assurances in the guise that they stand the chance of not getting paid, do not be swayed by such flimsy reasons.

Mind that reliable agencies like provide all the guarantees on their websites.

plagiarism, custom writing

Independent plagiarism report

Before you send over final payments for a custom paper, it’s crucial you run such paper through a different plagiarism check to verify the authenticity of the finished product. Most reliable custom writing services will allow you to check for plagiarism after providing you a comprehensive plagiarism report for free.

For example, at this academic writing service, you can check the paper on your own.

plagiarism, custom writing

You should ask questions about a company’s plagiarism report process before trusting them with your essay.

Custom writing services have helped lots of students with their essays and research papers, it has also been responsible for the failure of some students who didn’t take out time to hire the right company.

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The guide above will help you make the right choice. 

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Do Perfect College Grades Make a Perfect Employee?

No matter whether you have good or bad grades, they are no longer a concern once you have earned some professional experience.

Writing is essential part of any college life. Pixabay

Students doing everything perfect at college, getting A’s, having good attendance, and always following the rules have equal chances to become either good or bad employees. This means that you can be an assiduous student with a high GPA, but you cannot be sure that you will end up with a rewarding career. This is mainly because an educational institution and work are chalk and cheese.

While in college all have to follow the rules, never complain about authority, always turn to homework, and so forth, in the real world, everything is different. You can come to a meeting without prior preparation and generate great ideas right away. Sometimes, you can go against your boss pointing out his or her mistakes, which will let you earn much money at the last. At work, there is no schedule and demanding teachers that you have got on campus. All students leaving college and entering the workforce have to change their way of thinking, and this is quite a hard work even for those with the highest grades.

Many students say there is no easy way to write college papers. VOA

What is More Important than High GAPs

With no doubt, being a straight-A student means that you are smart and that you have invested much effort to succeed academically; however, this makes no sense for your future career. Grades were important for your teachers, and employers don’t really pay much attention to your academic progress.

More and more employers turn to the Recruitloop services to hire well-educated, experienced and talented candidates. While the high level of education is closely associated with top grades, talent and experience have very little to do with academic achievements. Therefore, your college grade point average doesn’t show how great you are going to perform as soon as you enter the workforce.

All of us probably have a friend who works hard to earn credits but has social problems and the one who doesn’t care about the grades but has a happy life full of good things. Educated doesn’t mean smart!

Don’t wait until you leave college, build your network immediately.

Don’t bunk off, do your homework, and interact with your educators. But, in fact, this is not the grades that will help you to make a mark. Below, there are things which really matter:

Earning Some Relevant Experience

As a student, don’t miss out on any chance to do an internship, get a part-time job, become a member of a student organization, or volunteer for different projects. Only by doing this you can be sure that you will be able to deal with what is next. Try to work hard in a relevant field during your study and learn what you really like about the chosen profession and what you don’t. Keep in mind that your competency is what matters the most for employers.

Time Management Skills

While studying, learn how long does it take for you to get your papers done, do morning exercises, get to an important meeting on time, and still have some time for socializing. The more overloaded your schedule is, the better time management skills you should develop. As soon as you enter the workforce, you will see how vital it is always to be in charge of your time; otherwise, you are more likely to miss deadlines, fail to tackle to-dos, and pull your hair out during the working day.

Best study time depends on lifestyle, Pixabay

Adopting Theory to an Actual Situation

Reciting to the marketing mix or learning how the purchasing funnel looks like on a sheet of paper have nothing to do with the real-life environment. What you have learned in an educational institution is one thing, but things which happen beyond your textbooks should be treated differently. It is crucial to know how to apply the gained knowledge and learned practices in an uncommon way. In reality, there are countless variables of different scenarios; therefore, it is of a great importance to know how to make what you have learned in theory work practically.

Finding Out How You Digest Info Better

It is crucial to know how you acquire and learn provided information better. While one needs to hear info to memorize it better, others need to write it down before they can get it. Joining the workforce you will be required to gain knowledge all the time. You will have to memorize many data on the go and be able to reproduce them any time someone asks.

Giving and Receiving Feedback

In any situation, it is very crucial to know how to accept encouragements and respond to remarks properly. Sooner or later, you will be evaluated by your employer, so the way you address any kind of feedback, digest it, and conform to it adequately will greatly influence your performance at work. It is also important to master giving feedback to your peers. When interacting with colleagues at work, you will probably be required to comment on their performance as well.

Work hard to boost them, because you will definitely have to use those skills

Creating an Effective Portfolio

Don’t forget to save samples of what you do best in classes and during your internship. Before someone decides to hire you, he or she will definitely want to see what you have in your portfolio. If you neglect keeping samples of what you have done in college, then make some effort to generate these things into a portfolio. When enrolling in college you could turn to some of the personal statements writing services, when applying for a position, you will have to prove that you can deal with any task on your own. Use every opportunity to write different kinds of papers, such as essay, press communique, research pieces, and everything else you may be asked to create at work.

Improving Writing

It is a sad statistics that so many people leave college without mastering strong writing skills. Work hard to boost them, because you will definitely have to use those skills when creating reports and composing emails. This doesn’t mean that you have to turn to blogs, but writing essays and editing them would be of great help.

Boosting Presentation and Pitching Skills

Never miss out on any chance to become a speaker in college and practice your skills by presenting various projects. When you enter the workforce, you will see that there are many situations where you have to express your ideas in an intelligible way, sound confident when giving speeches, make pitches effectively, and so forth.

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Establishing Contacts

There is no secret that making business relationships with people can be more important than earning A’s. Don’t wait until you leave college, build your network immediately. Inure yourself to go to meetings and strengthen your contacts. There is a big chance to find a highly-paid job through your connections.

To conclude, no matter whether you have good or bad grades, they are no longer a concern once you have earne