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No country for special athletes? Why India fails them time and again



By Santosh Dubey

Irregularities in public and private sectors have become a very common practice. Few days back, one case of such irregularity was flashed on almost every news channel and was covered by almost all the main stream media.

This irregularity was about the functioning (read dysfunctioning) of the Paralympic committee of India (PCI) which comes under the Ministry of Youth and sports affairs. This institution is equivalent to the Indian Olympic association, but it’s not the first time that it came into news for irregularities in its functioning.

Recently, concluded 15 National Para Athletic Championship was a clear reflection of corruption, dishonesty and failure of the sports in the country. It was also a matter of shame that we failed our special athletes, yet again.

Why PCI is at fault?

The PCI President Rajesh Tomar always talks about the inappropriate funding for the event. But even his excuse gives birth to a new question that if he doesn’t have enough funding then why does PCI organizes such events which fail time and again?

If we look back to the past events like World Games-2009, Summer Para Olympic Games-2012 and The  Para Asian Games-2014. All these big events had a lot  many complaints against the PCI. Not only this, issues were raised against the selection process of the Para Olympians. Many such cases of irregularities in the selection process have been highlighted in the past.

International wheel chair table tennis player Vijay Kumar confirmed, ” I was ranked first in T-5 category of the Asian Games trial, then too I was not selected for the tour. I took this matter to the court and in spite of the Sports Ministry’s approval of my name, the PCI did not send me for the Asian Games.” This was one case of irregularity in the selection process of players.

Apart from this, players have always complained of lack of facilities (read no support) provided to them. International Wheel chair table tennis player and Gold medalist Suvarna Raj says we are not provided even with the basic facilities of a player. Neither we are given proper training, nor we are facilitated with the escort facilities. Sharing an instance, she tells” The Sports Ministry had sanctioned two lady escorts for three lady wheel chair table tennis player, But PCI did not allow them to go to the Asian Games last year. Due to this, we had to face mental stress during the Game and could not perform well.”

Altogether , this is not the problem of  player like Suvarna and Vijay, But it is some way related to the national and social pride.  Major problem on this issue is that, if PCI is not able  to hold its responsibility, then why it is dragging  the things. It should not play with the decorum of a game and national pride.

What needs to be done

Sports Ministry, who is the parental body of this institution should look into the matter very carefully and resolve the problem permanently.

Talking about the condition of PCI, Activist of disabled rights and President’s medal awardee Pradeep Raj says” Along with the PCI, Sports Authority of India, Table Tennis Federation of India and top officials of the sports ministry  do neglect these disabled players. There is corruption in the whole process of Para games and should be checked properly by the Sports Ministry.”

It’s high time we stop failing those who battle their disabilities to be a part of the society. As a nation we need to stand up and give what these wonderful and superhuman beings deserve- respect and a chance to excel.

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Indian Cuisine on menu at Rio Olympics, daily allowance doubled: Sports Ministry

More than hundred sports person will represent India in Rio Olympics, which will begin from August 3

Indian athletes travelling to Rio pose with PM Modi. Image Source:
  • The Sports Ministry said that some athletes had insisted on getting Indian cuisine during their stay
  • The Indian Olympics Association had also requested Olympics Organising Committee to add Indian food in the menu at the Games Village
  • Sports Secretary Rajiv Yadav revealed that athletes will also be given their daily allowance from the very moment they reach Rio

NEW DELHI: Indian athletes representing the country in Rio de Janerio Olympics next month, in August, will get Indian food in the Games Village.

The Sports Ministry said that some athletes had insisted on getting Indian cuisine during their stay.

TOI quoted the Sports Secretary Rajiv Yadav as saying, “We have got confirmation from Rio Olympics organisers that our athletes will be served Indian food throughout the Games. It will be part of the official Games’ menu.”

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Reportedly, the Indian Olympics Association had also requested Olympics Organising Committee to add Indian food in the menu at the Games Village.

Yadav also revealed that the athletes will be given their daily allowance from the very moment they reach Rio.

Rio Olympics Logo. Image Source:
Rio Olympics Logo. Image Source:

Notably, the athletes will be given a double daily allowance from this time on.

“We have doubled the daily allowance too, from $50 to $100. Some of the athletes had mentioned to us that the earlier amount was not enough,” Yadav said.

Interestingly, India is sending its largest ever contingent to participate in the games. More than hundred sports person will represent the country in Rio Olympics, which will begin from August 3.

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Talking about the ministry’s medal projection, Yadav iterated, “It is difficult to predict but we are hopefully of getting into the double digits.”

India had put up a remarkable show at the 2012 London Olympics, bagging unprecedented six medals- two silver and four bronze.

– prepared by Bulbul Sharma, a staff-writer at NewsGram. Twitter: iBulbul_