Why is Intrapersonal Communication Important? Here’s How Talking to Self is Fruitful

Intrapersonal communication is a form of communication that helps every person to communicate with the self

Intrapersonal Communication.
Intrapersonal Communication. Pixabay

July 29, 2017: The word ‘intra’ means inside or within. Intrapersonal is different from interpersonal communication, which implies communication with the other person. Intrapersonal refers to communication within the self, involving the process of thinking and discernment. Intrapersonal communication is a form of communication that helps every person to communicate with the self. It helps in explaining what is known as the ‘self-concept’. It is basically an inward- looking exercise.

Self-talk can be exceptionally beneficial to your memory and cognitive functioning and your mental and physical health. Just find solace in knowing that doing so will keep you well-adjusted to the busy day and chaotic life.

Self-awareness allows the person to be aware of every character of their own personality. Through introspection, the person becomes aware of the qualities that help mold his personality, which in turn makes him aware of his motivations, aspirations, and expectations from the world. If one’s recognition of self is absolute, it would help in easily expressing his wants and needs to others.

Self-confidence is a self-aware state which makes one secure and increases confidence.

Self-management it equips a person to manage his daily activities efficiently using his strengths to the maximum which in turn counterpoises his weaknesses.

Self-motivation is the absolute knowledge of what one wants from their life, which will also enable the person to achieve those aims and goal while motivating themselves.

 Why Intrapersonal? 


The qualities of self-motivation and self-management will help inculcate deeper concentration and a  directed focus towards the task at hand.


Self-awareness allows the person to be independent as well.


The person is highly adaptable to the environment he lives in as the knowledge of his own qualities allows him to confidently and quietly take decisions and alter his approach subsequently in response to situational stimuli.

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 How Intrapersonal? 

Even if no one else seems to be welcoming you at the moment, compliment yourself for handling a difficult situation.

When you start to talk to yourself, your brain starts to work more efficiently. It is so because repeating words aloud sparks memory recall of known objects, making people more visible and likely to stick out to an observer.

Speaking about the options to yourself and finding the pros and cons can help bring the right choice forward.

In today’s busy world, we have a million thoughts running through our heads at all times. Our thoughts get jumbled up in our minds and can become incredibly powerful if left unchecked. Talking through your mind helps you to prioritize your time.

Practicing what you need to say to get your points across clearly and without anger will put you in a much better position when it comes to communicating about a severe issue.

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