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Why Islamists are crying over Burkini ban in France: Tarek Fatah explains

Following cultural traditions, pointing fingers

A woman wearing a burkini walks in the water August 27, 2016 on a beach in Marseille, France, the day after the country's highest administrative court suspended a ban on full-body burkini swimsuits that has outraged Muslims (VOA)

September 1, 2016: In a column published by Toronto Sun on August 30th, 2016, Tarek Fatah talks of how easily the liberals of the West can be so easily manipulated as a result of even the slightest movement by the Islamists. This was showcased by the “Burkini ban” incident that took place on 30th August, at France.

  • France affected by Islamic movement
  • Woman told to take off one layer of her Burkini wrap or leave the beach
  • Burkinis worn by Muslim women, raising a fit. A wetsuit worn by French Catholic? Not so much.
  • Double Standards or just Culture?

The “Burkini” ban in France raised a fit in the lives of Muslim women, when a middle aged Muslim woman was seen napping on the beech in a full body covered attire, in 35°Celsius, and was told to take off one layer of her Burkini wrap or leave the beach.

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And Tarek Fatah raises a very crucial point here, where he says “a video of a woman being beaten by a gang of Muslim men, somewhere in Europe or North Africa, barely raised an eyebrow, and didn’t make it to the front pages of any newspaper or TV network. However, the sight of a middle-aged Muslim woman napping in full body attire, being asked to leave the beach, or take off one layer of her burkini wrap, was enough to raise cries of racism, misogyny, bigotry and every possible human rights violation in the UN Charter.”

A woman dressed in a burqini in the pool
A woman dressed in a burkini in the pool

He also talks about an image he saw on Tumblr which showed two women in almost identical full-body swimsuits, with the title:

“French Muslim in Burkini French Catholic in Wetsuit.”

Below the picture, the caption read:

“Only one will be asked to remove her swimming gear at gunpoint.”

To him, that picture raised a question – “If both swimsuits provide head-to-toe cover, why don’t these Muslim women wear the wetsuit? Why do they insist on the burkini?”

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And he also answers this himself. According to him, the Sharia Culture of Islam forces their women to cover their bodies in clothing from head to toe even in modern times, for no reason except for their objective to prove their women as pious and pure and promote “slut shaming” which is showcased by the Western women or Muslim women who wear traditional beach suits or one piece, who apparently have a “loose character”.

FILE - In this Aug.4 2016 file photo made from video, Nissrine Samali, 20, gets into the sea wearing traditional Islamic dress, in Marseille, southern France. The French resort of Cannes has banned full-body, head-covering swimsuits worn by some Muslim woman (VOA)
FILE – In this Aug.4 2016 file photo made from video, Nissrine Samali, 20, gets into the sea wearing traditional Islamic dress, in Marseille, southern France. The French resort of Cannes has banned full-body, head-covering swimsuits worn by some Muslim woman (VOA)

His opinions are downright straightforward and there’s no doubt that the Muslim women are not only being  oppressed by their own culture, but also being discriminated for following the ideologies and traditions of their ancestors.

– prepared by Navmi Arora of NewsGram



  1. If Islamic countries can dictate what people wear, why can’t western countries dictate what people wear as well????
    Sounds like a Muslim double standard yet again…..
    The religion of peace has caused wars for 1400 years, fact!
    In Islam it is allowed to lie in order to advance the religion “Taqiyya”,,, Fact!
    2 Corinthians 11:14: No wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.

    It is always funny that Muslims leave their country because of the policies there oppressing them, only to go to western countries and try and impose the same policies on those countries…
    Taqiyya at work!!!

  2. TAREK FATAH or TAREEK FOTA practically is a Non Muslim person, as a fact an enemy of Islam, hence he is not a representative of Majority or Minority Muslims at all. He is just a BIGOT, TRAITOR, and a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR. I personally know him from my days in Karachi University, and that’s why he was famous with the nick name GMH TAREEK FOTA.

    TAREK FATAH or TAREEK FOTA, A Muslim Basher, Practically a Non Muslim, and the founder of MUSLIM CANADIAN CONGRESS is nothing but a MOST SELFISH person. All he does, ignites the emotions of Christians, Jews, Hindus and other Non Muslims by making his own stories to show that Muslims have Anti Democratic values, Muslims are enemies of all Non Muslims, Muslims are Radicals, etc, and he tries his best to use the microscope on any thing which can go against Islam. Secondly, though he claims that he is an Indian born in Pakistan, his agenda is to malign Pakistan and Pakistan only. If he is an Indian then his focus should be on India, not on Pakistan, but his focus is to malign Pakistan only. As a matter of fact his behavior shows that he is a combined paid agent of RAW (Indian Spy Agency), KHAD (Afghanistan spy agency), MOSAD (Israeli Spy Agency). Most probably he is funded by these spy agencies also. But in reality he is a friend of NONE, he will deceive Indian Hindus where it will suite hi. Take my words and one day you will find the worth.

    An interesting aspect of his life is his staying in Saudi Arabia for 10+ Years.

    An ardent opponent of ISLAMIC SHARIA (ISLAMIC LAWS), Islamic tenants and values, an enemy of Islam, its values, and it’s culture, his efforts against those women who cover themselves, and his opposition against lashes, chopping of hands and heads of the criminals who committed heinous crimes, and then staying in Saudi Arabia comfortably for 10+ years without uttering a single word against the Saudi Government, and the SHARIA LAWS, What does it reveal?

    It just reveal that he is a BIGOT and for a good income and earning he can sell his ideology, his values, his motto, and all those principles he stands for. I will say that he can sell his mother if the price is right. He is for GAYS and LESBIAN rights? Could he announce the same in Saudi Arabia? His head would be chopped out. He did not utter any thing, and spent 10+ years in Saudi Arabia very comfortably. Where all the values he stands for vanished when he was living in Saudi Arabia? Any writing, any demonstration, any vocal opposition during his 10+ years stay in Saudi Arabia? NONE.

    It is very important to declare before Saudi Consulate that you are not against Sharia Laws before the consulate issues a VISA to you. How he got the SAUDI VISA? He would have lied for sure in filling VISA application for Saudi Arabia and would have declared that he had no objection against SHARIA LAWS, otherwise his application for VISA would be denied? Isn’t he a BIGOT, PATHOLOGICAL LIAR, A TRAITOR by profession? You should decide it by yourself.


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Is Islamic inequality a conspiracy against the God?

Islam was conducted in a sense it was never meant to be

An eternal religion like Islam is always targeted for its preachings. Wikimedia Commons

Religion was the purest creation by humans to guide them to a better life, but it is clear that religion is being misused by many to create chaos and misery.

Islam, which is the World’s second largest religion, has become to symolize as the largest religion of devastation. A religion that believes that there is only ‘One God’ and that is their God, has now come to stand for turbulence and violence.

Historically too, Islam has always been linked with ‘terrorism’, but what gave rise to this scenario? The synopsis of this situation is not the right interpretation of ‘Quran’. The term ‘Jihad’ which literally means ‘to strive for the betterment of society’ has been deceitfully presented which leads to production of terrorists like Kasab (he quoted it in his letter to his family). The greed for 72 virgin women, which is just a story, makes them a ‘person of mass destruction. ‘ In the name of God, some ‘juvenile’ people choose the path which they are not familiar with.’

Islamic Terrorism
It is often stated that most of the ‘Terrorists’ are Muslims.Wikimedia Commons

A religion should always teach and preach about equality but Islam surely fails when it comes to their women. They are not so privileged as men are in an Islamic society. Why is it so? Does religion discriminate between two on the basis of gender? Why a Muslim man is taught to think about 72 virgin women but a Muslim woman is told to consider one man as her god? Why a man has a right to marry thrice but a woman is allowed to marry just once?

Islamic scholar Imam Tawhidi’s tweet raised a question on the fairness of the Islamic religion.

The disparity is not limited here. A woman who leaves her home, her parents, her career and even her surname; a woman who makes a home a home; a woman who sacrifices her everything for a man; is the one who is out thrown from her own home just by saying ‘Talaq, Talaq, Talaq’. Is a relation between a husband and wife established on these three words? Why only Muslim men favoured with such power?

Culture of Hijab
Women are meant to cover their full body in Islam. Wikimedia Commons

The word ḥijāb in the Quran refers not to women’s clothing, but rather a spatial partition or curtain. However, the preachers of Islam say that women should get all her parts covered by confidently stating that it is mandated in the Holy Quran. Yet another example of inequality on the basis of gender but the compelling truth is that these customs and thesis are created by the human itself and not Islam. This is how Islam is misused to spread fallacious beliefs among the people and making their life miserable.

Does Islam need to reform? Or do preachers of Islam need to introspect and reform?

– Sumit Buchasia of NewsGram. Twitter @sumit_buchasia

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These 8 successful Muslim women are showcasing Freedom their way!

Though there are forsure many but here we present to you the some handful of success stories of Muslim women in modern world. Totally independant and unbounded, they have carved a niche for themselves in many fields through their creativity, talent and self - belief

Muslim women
Bashing unfreedom-The new age Muslim woman.Pixeby

Not everyone is following rigid fundamentalism these days. In 2017, people and specially some inspiring Muslim women are embracing freedom and individuality through their inspirational work in global markets. Be it fashion, lifestyle,sports or politics- they are setting standards in every domain, breaking stereotypes all the way long!

Have a look at the success stories of these leading Muslim ladies and what they believe in.


Dubai based fashion entrepreneur Saufeeya is a global figure appearing in many fashion magazines. Being the co-owner of Modest Route, she has re- branded Modest fashion in a very stylised manner grabbing the attention of 2million followers on instagram page. She is frequently mentioned in Vogue or Teen Vogue under the trademark of her bold, daring and contemporary outfits made for modern age Muslim woman. This trendsetter with her avant garde style has been revolutionizing Islamic modest clothing in world.


Carolyn hit the headlines when she was sworn in with the Quran back in 2015, becoming the first ever New York City Civil court judge to do so. She bravely stood up to the backlash that resulted later but her strong act inspired many Muslim women around the world. It somehow relieved them from communal stigmatization that they go through.


Linda Sarsour- civil right's activist
Linda Sarsour- civil right’s activist.wikimedia.commons


Linda, a Palestinian- American civil rights activist, is popularly known for her key role in helping to organize the 2017 Women’s March in Washington.It was a public demonstartion led by women coming together from all walks of life. With her resolute, Linda instilled in a belief in thousands of women to fight for their vanity,esteem and rights.


it is hard to imagine a female road racer/motocross rider and being a Muslim woman makes it a rare case, but Behnaz is exactly that. Born in Iran- a country where women are not allowed for exercising such liberties and are often ridiculed for their driving skills, Behnaz enjoys the fact that many men cannot do the stunts she performs with ease and confidence on her motorbike. She is the only Iranian female to be involved in road racing professionally challenging the preconceived notions of the society in regard to women.


Known for her fashion blogs, Ruma recently got mentioned on the Twitter page of H&M where she was applauded for her distinctive panache that voice traditional modesty. According to her the haute hijab empowers feminine sensibility.Being a dreamer as well as achiever, she looks forward to inspire her followers with stories and lessons learned from her life by using social media to promote the art of fashion.


Halima is a model known for being the first Somali-American Muslim woman to take part in a beauty pageant donning a hijab.With all grace and modesty she hit news by reaching the semifinals of Minnesota USA pageant. She even graced the fashion runway for Kanye West at his show Yeezy season 5. Keeping at bay all Muslim stereotypes, this flamboyant model appeared on the front cover of Allure, wearing a Nike hijab with a caption saying, “This is American Beauty.” 


As a YouTuber and blogger, Shahd’s focus is mainly on providing viewers with her own original tips on how to attain healthy skin or apply makeup. Sudanese by birth but now living in Minneapolis, her tutorial videos are popularly hitting the internet since 2014. They were recently rehashed and showcased via her new sleek channel. From wearing a classic head-wrap and making pen perfect eyebrows, to her very personal stories with regard to the Hijab, she has been earnestly devoting herself to portray Hijab as a motif of modern age accessory.



Muslim Women
SHARMEEN OBAID-CHINOY- Pakistani filmaker.wikimedia.commons

 Sharmeen has been mentioned by esteemed Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world. A Muslim woman filmmaker, journalist and activist born in Pakistan, most of her films highlight the inequalities that women face. She has received two Academy awards, six Emmy and Lux Style award for her bold vision. Even the Pakistani government has honored her with the second highest civilian honor of the country, the Hilal-i-Imtiaz for her dauntless contribution to films.

These handful examples of empowering, influential and compelling Muslim women express a great deal- to come out of the shackles of a society that restricts you and your creative energies.Not just to the Muslim women of today, they are inspirational for all women who seek for self – actualization.

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New York terror attack: 8 dead, suspect in custody (Third Lead)


New York, 1st November’2017: At least eight persons have been killed and 12 seriously injured in New York after a driver of a truck mowed down people on a cycle path in Lower Manhattan in US.

The attack happened on Tuesday, when the city was celebrating Halloween, one of the most festive days in the New York calendar.

The pavements were crowded with kids in costumes and there were still children trick-or-treating just yards away, the BBC reported.

The spot is also just yards away from Ground Zero, a site which reminds all New Yorkers of the 9/11 attack in 2001. It did not take police long to confirm that the city had once again been the target of terror.

Five of these victims were Argentine nationals, Efe news quoted a statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Buenos Aires as saying.

The 29-year-old man who emerged from the white pick-up truck was shot by a police officer and arrested.

The media named him as Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, an Uzbek immigrant who came to the US in 2010 and settled in Florida, a CNN report said.

A note was found in the truck that referred to the Islamic State (IS), a law enforcement source told CBS News.

Around 3.05 p.m., Saipov drove a truck onto the West Side Highway bike path.

The truck entered near Houston Street. It was a rental from Home Depot, the home improvement chain said.

The driver continued down the path, hitting bicyclists and pedestrians.

Further down the path, the truck collided with a school bus at Chambers Street.

After the collision, the driver exited the truck with a pellet gun and a paintball gun. Witnesses said the suspect yelled “Allahu Akbar”, law enforcement sources told CNN.

A note found in the truck claimed the attack was carried out in the name of IS, a senior law enforcement official confirmed to CNN. The note was in English.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said it was a “cowardly act of terror aimed at innocent civilians”.

de Blasio added: “We know that this action was intended to break our spirit. But we also know that New Yorkers are strong, New Yorkers are resilient and our spirit will never be moved by an act of violence and an act meant to intimidate us.”

US President Donald Trump tweeted: “My thoughts, condolences and prayers to the victims and families of the New York City terrorist attack. God and your country are with you!”

Former US President Barack Obama tweeted: “Michelle and I are thinking of the victims of today’s attack in NYC and everyone who keeps us safe. New Yorkers are as tough as they come.”

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday condemned the attack in a tweet: “Strongly condemn the terror attack in New York City. My thoughts are with the families of the deceased and prayers with those injured.”

British Prime Minister Theresa May said she was “appalled by the cowardly attack”. “My thoughts are with all affected,” she said.

“Together we will defeat the evil of terrorism” and the “UK stands with NYC”, Xinhua news agency quoted May as saying.

Five of the eight killed in the attack were identified as Argentine nationals, who were celebrating their 30th graduation anniversary at the Argentine Polytechnic School of Rosario, Efe news reported.

The statement released by the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs, identified the five as Hernan Diego Mendoza, Diego Enrique Angelini, Alejandro Damian Pagnucco, Ariel Erlij and Hernan Ferruchi.

The New York authorities said that it was a lone wolf attack. It was not part of a wider conspiracy or plot, BBC reported. But this is an active crime scene at the moment. They are still trying to piece together precisely what happened.(IANS)