Why It Is Important For Parents To Use The Location Tracker?

You can transfer this app either from the website or the Google play/play store in your and iOS phones severally

location tracker
Check location history anytime, anyplace.


We are living in a very fast era where no one has enough time to see what other people are doing even we don’t have time to see the kid’s activity. We should know that kids are using the internet and this has a lot of fear that your kids may not use the prohibited content. What kids are doing it’s important to know, but how we can do this? Here are the best solutions for your FamiSafe parental control app that are providing you a great solution for this problem using a cell phone tracker to track your kids’ cell phone.

What is the reason behind using a Parental control app?

Here I will discuss some main reasons to use of FamiSafe app

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Online safety of kids: – There square measure several drug-selling sites, sports card-playing sites, adult geological dating apps, and porno sites that square measure inappropriate for youths. These sites are often accessed if there are not any restrictions created mistreatment the parental management app on the kid’s phone. Mistreatment FamiSafe, we are able to simply prohibit these sites and block them from being accessed on a kid’s phone employing a remote parent’s device.

Track live location of kids:-Some kids is disreputable. Kids usually tell their oldsters that they’re going dead set faculty and head to a park or house with friends. However, mistreatment the FamiSafe app, we are able to track the live location of children and realize the precise route they follow. The knowledge that this app provides is reliable and 100 percent correct. That’s why it’s conjointly used for trailing the precise location of criminals by investigation or crime branch.

Protection against kids kidnapping: – Kidnappers use new ways in which to kidnap kids of wealthy oldsters. They abduct them to urge ransom from their wealthy oldsters. Therefore the safety of children is of utmost importance during this essential scenario. By mistreatment the FamiSafe app, we are able to defend our children from kid’s kidnappers by trailing the live location of kid’s phones. During this approach, oldsters will simply make sure the safety of children and defend them from any threat or potential danger.

location tracker
Location tracking application. Pixabay

Some other Features of the FamiSafe app for Parents:

  • Real-time location: With GPS location huntsman, oldsters will track the child’s device to make sure safety.
  • Location History: Check location history anytime, anyplace by timeline.
  • Activity Report: It monitors all the device activities and app installations.
  • Screen time: The screen time feature permits you to regulate track app usage.
  • App Blocker: oldsters will block sure distracting apps with this feature.
  • Web filter: you will block inappropriate websites over chrome and campaign.
  • Browse History: you will the track phone to look at the mechanical man’s personal browsing history.
  • YouTube monitor: It detects worrying videos or monitors the inappropriate content within the videos. Together with it, you will lock those videos if they’re not sensible for your youngsters.
  • Explicit content detection: It monitors suspicious messages on social media handles and SMS.
  • Suspicious photos: It instantly offers you an associate degree alert once the detective works the pornography pictures in your kid’s phone’s gallery.

How to start with the FamiSafe parental control app?

It is really easy to start out this app with 3 easy steps:

Register: Register a FamiSafe account on the website or transfer the app from the look play and app store.

Install: Install the FamiSafe app in each kid in addition to parent devices.

Connect: currently, connect and manage all devices from the FamiSafe dashboard app or internet portal.

location tracker
Track the period location of the device. Pinterest

Price Plans and accessibility

You can transfer this app either from the website or the Google play/play store in your and iOS phones severally.

After you have got registered the account on the app, you’ll fancy the fundamental options on the market at no cost. However, to avail of the advanced options, you wish to get a subscription initial.

Evaluation set up is as follows:

  • For Quarterly set up, you have got to pay $6.66 per month that is beaked quarterly at $19.99. As a part of the set-up, you’ll embody up to ten devices per account.
  • For the Monthly setup, you have got to pay $9.99 per month. However, you’ll embody solely five devices per account.
  • For annually set up, you have got to pay $3.49 per month that is beaked annually at $41.99. As a part of the setup, you’ll embody up to thirty devices per account.

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Here you can get the FamiSafe app

Download from Google Playstore 

Download FamiSafe For IOS from here 

Download FamiSafe from the Amazon store


For any question, you can discuss with the client support team or get into the client support variety given on the website. Time management is thus vital nowadays and what’s higher than the FamiSafe app to watch the screen the children’s screen time anytime and track the period location of the device. This enables youngsters to review, act with family, and play games instead of disbursement time on the phone all the time.

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