Popularity of pep salons is rapidly increasing all over India

You don’t really need a reason to look fashionable, it’s just a way to boost the self- confidence in general

Hair cutting and styling in pep salons. Pixabay

Sept 19, 2016: The lust for being trendy is quietly making the pep salons quite popular, from metro cities to small towns it has become a part of the culture now. These days’ people working in the pep salons are not mere stylists; they are more of experts and are well trained. They often offer internships to youngsters who want to take it up professionally.
The culture of pep salons sneaked into the cities which are led by youths, and are widely followed by the youths. For busy city life, people working day and night, it is a sense of relaxation for them. Moreover, people are themselves quite aware of the recent trend, popular brands etc., thanks to the electronic media. Bollywood plays a major role in setting up a trend for common people, and it has been doing so since ages.

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Some longs for straight long hair with golden highlights like Deepika Padukone, may be while some like it red and short to look bolder, and some longs for wavy, curly hair like Kangana Ranaut. Waxed skin, manicured hands, pedicured feet are more of a necessity for all girls. Well, when it comes to naming fashionistas’, mentioning only women would be unjust.

Pep salon, Pixabay
Pep salons, Pixabay

In this century, men aren’t just laying back; they have also set a benchmark for fashion, and are following their style icons from tip to toe. Some prefer mustachioed pinups like that of Ranveer Singh, while style it like the fashion king in blue jersey, Virat Kohli. You don’t really need a reason to look fashionable, it’s just a way to boost the self- confidence in general but it’s true, in India, festivals and occasions pump up the business of these pep salons.

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The reason is quite simple; one needs to look the best among one’s group of friends or relatives or whatever. Pumping your hair up like that Sharmila Tagore will definitely make the person a soft target for joke, followed by some unwelcoming sarcasms. No one really wants to be a piece of joke in front of others. People hit the pep salons to get all decked up before Poojas or wedding or any other occasions as such. These events often leads to overcrowding and prior appointments are taken and bookings are done accordingly. Pep salons, use the strategy of discounts and free services with some packaged services to attract customers to stand out from the other competitors.

With the way pep salons are gaining popularity, in no time it will make a place for its own and will become one of finest business to indulge in.

-by Pinaz Kazi of NewsGram. Twitter: @PinazKazi