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The researchers are concerned about the role of smartphone addiction in medical students as 22 per cent of participants met the basic score qualifying for smartphone addiction. Pixabay

Life is precious for all, and everyone does their part to stay healthy. The first thing that comes to mind when people think about good health is the role of doctors in their lives. In India and across the globe, doctors are considered next to God for they have the power to save lives and heal wounds. However, even doctors commit mistakes sometimes as a part of the services they offer and can face severe problems as a result.

If you are a healthcare professional, you can better understand this. No doctor wants to hurt their patients physically or in other ways, intentionally. However, the patients can sometimes suffer because of negligence or a mistake done by doctors while offering treatments. In such situations, the doctors are liable to pay for the losses incurred to the patients.

Such financial setbacks can also have an impact on your career as a healthcare professional. Professional indemnity insurance can be of great help to you to stay safe.

Why Doctors Need Professional Indemnity Insurance?

The count of medical negligence cases has increased in Indian over the past few years. The alarming rise in litigations against doctors becomes problematic for them in several ways. They need to visit courts, pay for the losses incurred to the victims and face a decline in reputation amongst the patients.

Professional indemnity insurance for doctors takes care of the expense related to medical negligence claims raised by patients. The insured doctor gets adequate coverage by the chosen insurer if he or she is not found guilty of medical misconduct or negligence.

Another significant aspect of such situations is that you cannot estimate the loss in terms of penalties. Take the case when a patient has lost his limb or a kidney during a medical procedure you carried out. You never know how much compensation the patient would ask for, which can be very big at times. Professional indemnity insurance will cover you against financial losses in case any of your patients sue you for medical misconduct.

Furthermore, doctors who are offering several medical services under one roof in a hospital need to cover their hired staff, be it nurses or junior doctors under group policies for professional indemnity cover.

The first thing that comes to mind when people think about good health is the role of doctors in their lives.

What Does It Cover?

A professional liability insurance policy for doctors covers all the expenses incurred for defence, including the charges applicable in the court, plus the claims made by patients for medical negligence. You should also know that this policy is time-bound and will only cover the claims made during its tenure. So, as a doctor, you need to get it renewed timely.


Professional liability insurance comes with a plethora of benefits. However, it may not cover the claims in the following cases:

  • Criminal acts, penalties and fines
  • Wilful neglect
  • Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol while offering medical services
  • Violation of law, and many others

Top Companies That Offer Professional Liability Insurance Policies

  • Reliance General Insurance Company
  • New India Insurance
  • TATA AIG General Insurance Company
  • United India Insurance General Insurance Company
  • ICICI Lombard

Doctors who are offering several medical services under one roof in a hospital need to cover their hired staff, be it nurses or junior doctors under group policies for professional indemnity cover. Pixabay

Best Way to Buy Professional Indemnity Insurance

Doctors are known for their knowledge and expertise in saving lives. However, they may at times commit a mistake that can impact the lives of their patients. This is where the role of professional indemnity insurance comes up. However, it is not generally easy for doctors to choose the right insurer.

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A great way to ensure that you make the right decision is to ask for help from a good quality insurance broker. They will be able to give you quotes from multiple insurers and help you in making the right choice for your needs.


Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

With the baby keeping you busy all day and night, your skincare takes a backseat.

When you become a mother, you tend to forget about your own needs because you are so focused on your child. With the baby keeping you busy all day and night, your skincare takes a backseat. It's not always changes in skin texture and looks post-pregnancy are a bad thing, but not taking care of your skin may lead to acne, melasma, stretch marks, puffy eyes, and even dark circles. Syed Nazim, Dermatologist, Aesthetic and Hair Transplant Surgeon, Royal Lush Skin Clinic Saket, New Delhi, shares simple and easy tips for you to follow, to get a glowing post-pregnancy.

* Cleansing: As you sleep, your skin goes through a renewal cycle, by dispensing toxins and debris. So you only need a light-textured cleanser to wash your face with a face wash that is suitable for your skin type.

* Steam: Take steam for 2-3 days a week, it will help you to open up your clogged pores.

* Scrub & face pack: Use a face scrub, to remove the dead skin cells, scrub your face for like 5 minutes and wash it with normal tap water. It will help you to make your skin softer and radiant, leave the mask until it dries off.

* Toner & moisturizer: Apply toner to your face, look for clarifying toners that rebalance your pH to maintain the pH value of your skin. In the end, you only have to moisturize your face, to give hydration.

* Steal baby products: Baby products are always mild in nature so that the baby's sensitive skin doesn't have to compromise. They are created to lock moisture in babies skin. So, you can also use them. Whether it's a body oil, lotion or cream, apply some on your skin every time you're applying them on your baby. If you do this, you can flaunt your skin, this way, you don't have to dedicate a specific time every day for your skincare.

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Photo by Valeriia Kogan on Unsplash

Colorless chemicals were developed and mixed in varying ratios to dye hair.

A couple of years ago, finding a strand of grey hair meant visiting the parlor to cover it up. Women and men refused to admit their age, and refused to let it show. Be it moustache, eyebrows, or hair on the head, it was dyed a luscious black, or reddish-brown for those who wanted to go natural. Today, the trend of coloring hair has nothing to do with age. Young boys and girls sport bright colors and hairstyles, which is now a marker of how modern one can be.

This notion of modernity associated with neon streaks and an almost gothic look originates from the ancient Egyptian civilization, where it was considered fashionable to look different from the natural features one was born with. Kohl, lipstick, perfume, and makeup were the inventions of those who hoped to live even after death. Likewise, they were the first people to discover hair dye. Initially, they dyed their hair black, to cover the grey. They used compounds that were extracted from plants, but some of them were lethal. So, they took to extracting the color from fermented leeches.

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One of the bookshop at Daryaganj, Chandni Chowk, Delhi.

The history of Daryaganj goes back to the era of Mughal dynasty, and so its history is as old as the old city of Shahjahanabad, now Chandni Chowk. Interestingly, this market was known as Faiz Bazaar in the Mughal era and was considered as an important commercial place.

In fact, at that time this area was very posh, and had beautiful houses on both sides of a stream from a hauz (meaning, water storage tank) flowing down the centre. Not only this, trees were lined up for shade and it looked like a marvellous garden had been turned into a market.

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