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Why RTI is failing to provide you information in time?


By Newsgram Staff Writer

The RTI system of  our country is in news for all wrong reasons. The system which  started amid a lot of applause is  now crumbling and  staring at a break down.

There are more 2 lakhs RTI cases which are pending with Information Commissioners, according to a report.

The developing states in our country face a serious staff crunch in the Information Commission and the system lacks an active mechanism, a news report said.

The commanding positions of the information commission in key states like Goa, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana are miserable.  Moreover, the state commissions in Goa and Assam have an embarrassing situation, as in Goa no one has been appointed in power since Leela Mehendale retired as the Chief Information Commissioner two months ago.

In Assam the commissioner was appointed in December 2014 but the work is still in the pending mode.

According to the RTI Act, the commission should have a Chief Commissioner and can have 10 information commissioners. As of now, the states like Jharkhand, Odisha, Meghalaya and Sikkim are running the system with just one commissioner.

The sources say that UP is the only state which has filled up the full quota. Haryana has nine commissioners other than a chief. Punjab and Andhra have eight commissioners besides the chief information commissioner.



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