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Here’s Why You Should Switch to Contact Lenses, and It’s Not Just About Looks

Take a look at the reasons why switching to contact lenses is a great option!

Traditionally, we use eyeglasses for correcting vision problems such as near-sightedness (myopia) and far-sightedness (hyperopia). Glasses are both affordable and convenient to wear for extended periods. However, wearing them every day can quickly become tiresome. 

Over the years, contact lenses have gained prominence as an effective counterpart for eyeglasses. When compared to glasses, contact lenses combine performance, comfort, and visual acuity in a more compact and trendy manner. Also, contact lenses help overcome reflections and distortions that you usually get with eyeglasses. 

Why Switch to Contact Lenses?

There are several obvious reasons to switch to contact lenses. There are multiple benefits of choosing contact lenses over eyeglasses, including safe and convenient visual correction.

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 To make the most of your contact lens-wearing experience, be sure to always follow the recommendations and advice provided by your eye care practitioner. It is also important to note that all forms of contact lenses — including cosmetic contact lenses that don’t offer vision correction, but changes the colour or appearance of the eye — are medical aids that an eye doctor has to recommend.

Contact Lenses
Over the years, contact lenses have gained prominence as an effective counterpart for eyeglasses. Pinterest

Take a look at the reasons why switching to contact lenses is a great option: 

  1. Contact Lenses Help Get a Full Field of Focused Vision

While both contact lenses and eyeglasses are available in the same prescription strength, you can get a full field of focused vision with contacts. Unlike eyeglasses, contact lenses move with your eyes and help you get a sharp peripheral vision. Even if you wear multifocal contact lenses, you can get a wider field of view than prescription eyeglasses and focus on different objects.. 

These contact lenses sit comfortably on the curvature of your cornea, protected by your eyelids. Your contacts will not be affected by weather conditions such as fog and rain or get steamed up and foggy in humid conditions. In short, you can wear your contacts in almost every weather without compromising the clarity of vision. 

  1. You Can Lead an Active Lifestyle with Contacts

Contact lenses give you more flexibility and freedom to lead an active lifestyle. Contacts are less obtrusive and lighter than eyeglasses, which means that you don’t have to worry about them falling off or bouncing up and down while playing football or during your morning jog. 

Contact lenses are a compelling vision correction solution for athletes and sportspersons in contact sports (such as football or hockey). Even if you have an active lifestyle and like to indulge in cross-fit workouts or morning jogs, you can be assured that your contact lenses are not going to slip out of your eye. Also, wearing protective headgear such as helmets, caps or swimming goggles will become more convenient.  

  1. Contact Lenses Can Help Increase Your Confidence

With eyeglasses, you can experiment with your looks by trying different eyeglass frames. You can also use contact lenses to help improve the way you see and feel about yourself. Unlike eyeglasses, contact lenses do not cover your face with frames. Instead, you can look natural, and when you’re talking to someone, they can focus on your face and eyes instead of your glasses. 

Contact lenses also provide the freedom to choose from a variety of lens designs. Nowadays, you can find contact lenses that come in various colours and stylish patterns and choose that one that suit your needs. These contact lenses are designed to mimic the iris features perfectly so that your eyes have an optimal natural look, even with coloured contact lenses. 

Eye Glasses
Glasses are both affordable and convenient to wear for extended periods. However, wearing them every day can quickly become tiresome. Pinterest

Switch to Contact Lenses for More Freedom and Flexibility

Going from eyeglasses to contact lenses is relatively easy, as you can always switch between the two vision correction devices. Unlike eyeglasses, however, when you move to contact lenses, you can easily avoid common issues that arise with prescription glasses such as fogging of lenses in humid conditions or easy breakage. 

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With contact lenses from reputable brands such as Bausch + Lomb, you can say goodbye to foggy glasses and peripheral vision woes. You can choose from different types of contact lenses according to your usage and lifestyle, without compromising on vision clarity.    

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