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Women Are Always Taught To Give Love Than Demand Love: Neha Bhasin

Known for her playback work in Bollywood and independent songs in the genre of Indian pop and Punjabi folk music, Neha is the recipient of two Filmfare and Stardust Awards each

Singer Neha Bhasin drew from her life to create Tu kya jaane, her new song that has been winning her acclaim from fans.

“One of the best things that happened during lockdown is we finished a lot of pending work, and this song was one of them. When I started writing the song a year ago, I was actually upset with my husband (composer Sameer Uddin) because he was oddly occupied with making music. Honestly, I am a demanding wife and a drama queen! I was missing him and seeking his attention, so I started writing ‘Tu ki jaane, dil da haal toh dil hi jaane’ and I went on to write the song,” Neha told IANS.

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The singer added: “I think women are always taught to give love but never to demand love. In the song, I am saying that it should be a two-way process, to have that divine connection. I wanted to move away from darkness after a break-up and we women should always learn to rise in love instead of fall in love.”

Neha Bhasin
Singer Neha Bhasin drew from her life to create Tu kya jaane, her new song that has been winning her acclaim from fans. Pinterest

The video features supermodel Bardeep Dhiman along with Neha and it is directed by Prayrit Seth and produced by her husband Sameer Uddin.

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The video has strong images of intimacy, and Neha explains the concept: “It was the idea of the director. The fact is when we are in our naked form, in our bare form, it is very synonymous to when we are in pain. The feeling of pain is very naked, so I think what our director wanted to show through the imagery is that the two are synonymous.” (IANS)



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