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Women Don’t Have to Desperately Belittle Men to Look superior

Today, women are in decision-making top-management positions

By Purnima Nath

Women Don't Have to Desperately Belittle Men to Look superior
Purnima Nath is an entrepreneur, an author, a community leader, and a Hindu.

Using critical skills is incredibly important these days, before buying into a story. Leftist media is desperate, trying to push baseless narratives, in their efforts to create imbalance in the society. We must defy this collectively.

There is no question that women are breaking ceiling and these women are an inspiration to many worldwide. Today, women are in decision-making top-management positions. Today, we will analyze an article published in Forbes referenced here. It is severely flawed in several areas. Why such desperation to prove women are better than men? Just because Forbes published an article, it is absolutely foolish to ‘accept’ without critical thinking. The writer, Avivah Wittenberg-Cox, cleverly neglected relevant data points of comparison, simply to take a position on women’s superiority. There is more to than meets the eye. 

NO Madam Wittenberg-Cox: Your article was sadly biased, massively prejudiced, incredibly partial and frankly, desperate. Let’s look at a few facts that were deliberately bypassed. I will strictly focus on the references of the article to conclude that this comparison was a blatant lie to push a favorable narrative of women over men. Bluntly, it is a lame and rash attempt to paint a superior picture of women.

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  • POPULATION: 7 countries that were referenced in this article had a population ranging from 364k to 83m. The smallest country, Iceland, has a 203,000 lesser population than the State of Wyoming (US), with ~364k and ~567k, respectively. How many Corona cases Wyoming had? 275. And, how many deaths? 1. Compare these numbers in Iceland? 1,711 cases and 8 deaths in Iceland. Germany has double the population of California…most populated state in the U.S. Let’s compare the Corona numbers in California vs. Germany. 24,353 Total cases in California vs. 130, 072 in Germany. In comparison, California recorded 731 deaths vs. 3,194 in Germany. The writer despises Trump, Modi, Bolsonaro, Netanyahu or Orban…she conveniently avoided the population of India that is 4 times the U.S. population. She also forgot to mention that the U.S. population is 4 times Germany’s…i.e. India has 16 times the population of Germany. YET, India recorded 358 deaths related to Coronavirus cases with the second-highest population in the world. Still, she showed her deepest hatred against Modi. How does this number compare with Iceland, New Zealand, Finland or Denmark? Brazil recorded 1,355 deaths with a population of 209.5m, which is almost 3 times the population of Germany that has over double the death. No, she didn’t shy away from defaming Bolsonaro.

Women Don't Have to Desperately Belittle Men to Look superior
India has 16 times the population of Germany. Wikimedia Commons


  • THE POLITICAL AFFILIATION OF THE LEADERS: What other qualities are majorly common with the appreciated ‘women leaders’ other than the ‘gender’? Their political affiliation. Yes! You heard that right. Democratic progressive party of Taiwan, New Zealand Labour Party, Left-Green movement of Iceland, Social Democratic part of Finland, Social democrats of Denmark. Angela Merkel of the Christian Democratic Union of Germany aligns with left-wing policies. Erna Solberg of Norway is a left-winger herself. See the pattern? They are the darlings of communist-media-communication-propaganda.
  • CNN REFERENCE: CNN, the network known as Trump-hater, Modi-basher, Netanyahu-abuser and has become an official communication arm of the Democrat and left-wing communist parties (i.e. labour, socialist, green, left, progressive parties) and working tirelessly to push left-wing agenda 24/7, that described the leftist women leaders as “among the world’s best”…was taken as the ‘bible’. What else did you expect? That’s exactly how she wanted to prove her point that all these women are better than the men she hates. CNN does not have much of a reputation these days with its severely toppled ranking. But, CNN is relentless. 
  • THE DISPLEASURE OF THE MEN: Ms. Wittenberg-Cox’s displeasure of the MEN leaders is astonishingly visible. Israel recorded 116 deaths in a population of 8.9m, however, Denmark recorded 245 deaths with a population of 5.6m. 315 deaths in the Philippines in a population of 106.7m, 144 in Russia in a population of 144.5m, 332 in Mexico in a population of 126.2m. She did not refer that, Germany recorded 3,194 deaths in a population of 83m. Norway (5.3m population) recorded 134 deaths. YET, she sure is inspired by Merkel or Erna, than by Trump, Modi, Netanyahu. Now, what could be so similar in these leaders? RIGHT…they are all right-wingers conservative leaders and they are men.

Women Don't Have to Desperately Belittle Men to Look superior
Today, 90% of mainstream media is sold out to Democrat’s agenda. (Representational Image). Pixabay

A couple other details caught my eye. Now that leftists like to bring identity in every conversation – the writer and ‘inspiring women leaders’ all look ‘white to me’, (of course, except Taiwan). And, another critical point, China. There was no mention of it. Well, sticking to the true focus of this writeup, those details are kept aside for another discussion.

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Today, 90% of mainstream media is sold out to Democrat’s agenda. BBC, Time, Forbes, CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post – take any name, you will find one thing common. That is, bashing, belittling, vilifying right-wing parties, their leaders and their countries. They certainly are not the media favorites. Media is also pushing superior women narrative over Men, much like in this article. Men and women have different qualities, characteristics, strengths and weaknesses; and both are required for our society. I understand, at one point of time, women were kept ‘inferior’…we are beyond that point now. Honestly, women don’t have to show men in a poor light for them to look bright. Trump, Modi, Bolsonaro or Netanyahu need not be belittled to make Merkel or Jacinda look good. In their own way women are inspiring. This sadistic identity-politics has gone beyond ‘decent’ level of respect.

Women are inspiring in their unique ways. Stop comparing them with men. Don’t just buy into a story! Look beyond. 



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