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Women Wing lashed with sticks in Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on protesting against Unethical Distribution of Tickets

The terror of such hooliganism has escalated to such a level that these women have stopped strolling on the streets

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), Women Wing

New Delhi, March 23, 2017: Suman Kaushik, President of AAP Women Wing from Vikas Puri Vidhan Sabha (Assembly) has submitted a complaint to Delhi Police against AAP MLAs Naresh Balyan and Mahender Yadav. The incident took place on March 21, 2016, at Aryan Garden, Om Vihar in New Delhi.

Kaushik along with other AAP volunteers posed a question to Mahendra Yadav, Vikaspuri MLA regarding the unethical distribution of tickets in the upcoming MCD election. 50 percent seats in Delhi are reserved for women for the upcoming MCD elections. AAP leaders had been stating internally as to the media that they will give tickets to deserving women volunteers only and not to the dummy candidates. But in reality, this has not been the case.

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Copy of Application submitted in the Police Station

Likewise, it was also proliferated by Vikaspuri MLA among the Women Wing that there shall be no ticket given to the dummy volunteers.

According to Suman Kaushik, in her ward, a dummy candidate was given the ticket as it is women reserved seat and the grassroots AAP women volunteers including her were being ignored.

So, Kaushik went along with Raghuvir Singh Prajapati, Jugnu Prajapati, Dimple Farhad and Jasbir to meet Mahender Yadav at Aryan Garden. But instead of a peaceful hearing, the women and other volunteers were assaulted according to Ms Kaushik- right after she voiced out on the prevalent issue, the hues of the peaceful gathering changed and women of Mahila Wing were seen paralysed with malevolence and beaten with sticks.

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Newsgram reached to Suman Kaushik, who took a fearless stance in front of these nefarious minds to know the depth of the matter.


“MLA, Naresh Balyan called us Sluts (Randi)”, said Suman Kaushik.  Further, she says, “the party is oppressed with plunders and hooligans- not only did they called us with names but also physically abused us, she further added.

Hooliganism is not a rare sight when it comes to politics but what’s unusual is the manhandling of women shamelessly in front of the public from a party that vouches for clean politics. To exhibit a blatant truth, these women were the grassroots volunteers of Aam Aadmi Party who rendered everything to nurture the party. However, such is the cynicism of Aam Aadmi Party to belittle these volunteers with hands and sticks.

In the aftermath of the lewd conflict, the women assembled and departed to the local Police Station in the vicinity to lodge FIR, nevertheless, the hapless volunteers were shunned there too.

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“When we reached the Police station, there was no one who could listen to our woes. Kushan Pal, the SHO of Uttamnagar Police station didn’t pick my call despite him being familiar with my work in past. He picks my call every time but didn’t pick yesterday”, told Suman Kaushik to Newsgram.

The terror of such hooliganism has escalated to such a level that these women have stopped strolling on the streets.

“I don’t feel safe here, and anything can happen with me in the future. If such incidents can take place in the middle of a huge number of people, what security does we women have now alone?” says Suman.

Workers of Aam Aadmi Party joined in the pursuit to attain the commonness amongst the people but sadly, the party has failed to meet its own agendas in the meantime. While empowering women has always been the elevated issue for the nation, parties like these are only ruining the future of women by such malpractices.

Newsgram contacted Naresh Balyan, MLA of Uttamnagar with regard to the incident. He denied the accusations calling them fallacious.

– Reporting by Naina Mishra of Newsgram, Twitter: Nainamishr94











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    AAP has the right to do anything and say anything to anybody. …..they send by God to save the world …kejriwaal is the avatar of kaliyug. ….. he will kill demons like development,economy, 8% Gdp,jobs, cashless economy, technologies,IT which r supported by modi and take India to the golden age of poverty, British and mogul slavery, dharnas, etc..hail kejriwaal

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