Won’t mind taking bus to work to curb pollution: Chief Justice T S Thakur

New Delhi: Chief Justice T.S. Thakur on Sunday said Supreme Court judges want to help in curbing air pollution in the national capital and he won’t mind boarding a bus to reach the court.

He told the media that if Supreme Court judges pooling cars would send the right message to the people.

He supported the Delhi’s government’s decision to allow even and odd number cars to ply in Delhi on alternative days from January 1 in a bid to curb rising air pollution.

Justice Thakur said he would not mind walking down to the Supreme Court from his Motilal Nehru Marg residence or even boarding a bus.

“If a judge of Supreme Court can pool cars (with brother judges), it sends a message to the people that we have no problem,” he said. “We can walk down or even take a bus.”


(Picture credit:jammulinksnews.com)