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Workplace Sanitization : A Rising Demand In Organisations

The Covid effect on businesses

The world is re-opening gradually after the COVID-19 shutdown, and so are offices and workplaces everywhere. But as they do, millions of office workers ask ‘Is it safe? as they prepare to re-enter workplaces. No wonder, sanitization, and workplace hygiene have assumed increased importance and demand.

Global workplace experience and facility management company ISS, which has launched a disinfection and hygiene solution, Pure Space, says organizations are focusing on the well being of their employees. “So, any organization planning to reopen their offices (even for the smallest percentage of employees) are preferring to go with our disinfection and hygiene services. They want their employees to feel safe and secure in returning to work. The focus is on sanitizing the high-traffic areas even during the working hours so employees feel safe and more connected to their workplace,” Aksh Rohatgi, CEO, ISS Facility Services India, told IANSlife.

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According to researchers, tight, enclosed indoors with little airflow can up your risk for contracting an infection. Research also indicates that a virus on a high-contact surface, such as a doorknob or a tabletop, can infect 40-60 percent of the people in a workplace within two to four hours. In an enclosed space like an office, with co-workers sitting in close quarters, frequent disinfection is a need being felt across workplaces.

Workplace disinfection a rising demand.
Global workplace experience and facility management company ISS, which has launched a disinfection and hygiene solution, Pure Space, says organizations are focusing on the well being of their employees. IANS

The users of Pure Space, which uses ATP technology to provide the before and after the microbial count, largely include large organizations – MNCs and Indian companies – with a focus on employee well being, and hospitals /healthcare care centers, pharma companies where hygiene, disinfection, and sanitization are of critical importance, Rohatgi said.

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The procedure is an add-on to daily office cleaning services and breaks the chain of infection between people. It effectively removes all microorganisms that are typical sources of cross-infection. The cleaning focuses on high-touch surfaces – areas that human hands touch often. Do they expect a need for sanitized spaces to last beyond the pandemic? “Absolutely.”

“The focus on hygiene and sanitization has grown exponentially because of this pandemic and we expect the demand for sanitized spaces to continue well beyond the current situation. Everybody is aware of the difference a clean and sanitized space can make.” (IANS)



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