Tuesday, November 24, 2020
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World Emoji Day: A Revolution Of Their Own

When words fail you can turn to emojis to convey your sentiments

by Alisha Upadhyay

While the language is considered the mother of revolution, a revolution came in the way we texted when Sheketaka Kurita invented the first emoticons in a chatroom. Emotions are worth more than words. While a picture can tell a thousand words, you covey an entire emotion of a person by a simple emoji. It can covey what remains unsaid or what is said but not meant.   

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While staying indoor is the new normal, emojis have come to the rescue.

Emojis are a revolution in themselves from providing an expression for people of color, to taking a supportive stance towards equality emojis have come a very long way.

Words can fail your expression but an emoji truly expresses what needs to be said. An emoji can be described as digital art. Communication in the virtual world today is technically incomplete without it.

History of Emojis

The emojis made their appearance in pagers and phones in Japan in the 90’s but that was a time when Japan was a lead player in the smartphone industry. The original 176 emoticons are now part of the permanent collection at New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

Each year, the Unicode Consortium agrees to new emoji. The language is now a full-fledged language. Along the way, there have been multiple attempts to ensure diversity and unity get the representation they deserve —a woman wearing a hijab, a man with a turban, more religious places, more representation from the animal kingdom, a woman cradling a baby, the differently-abled and a variety of skin tones.  

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However, it makes us question if we are lost in emojis and if we are true to the expression of words. Emojis are a gift for sure but overuse of emojis can bring annoyance. So this World Emoji Day go send your favourite emoji to your favourite person.



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