World Radio Day 2021: Understanding Its History, Significance And Theme

'New World, New Radio' is the theme of World Radio Day 2021

World Radio Day
13th February as World Radio Day. Flickr


Every year 13th February is celebrated as an international day dedicated to Radio. 13th February is celebrated as World Radio Day proclaimed by the member states of UNESCO in 2011.

Radio is the most powerful and almost universal medium of communication. Radio has the ability to reach out to the widest audience and contains the ability to shape society. The characteristics of Radio are very vast making it one the most useful source of information.

Radio makes pictures: It is a blind medium having no pictures but one can stimulate the imagination of the voice as soon as it comes out of it.

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Radio speaks to millions: Radio is one of the mass media covering every home, village, town, city, and country. Informing people about all the happening around them. Radio informs and educates an individual.

Radio has no boundaries: Radio is no respecter of territorial limits. It clears mountains barriers and can cross deep oceans. Radio has the characteristics to bring people together, it can help to close other distances of culture, learning.

World Radio Day
Radio acts as a watchdog for society. Pixabay

Radio for the individual: Radio helps in diverting people from their problems providing relaxation and entertainment. It acts as a confirmer of issues and events happening around. Radio offers hope, inspiration, enlarges personal experience and lastly contributes to self-knowledge and awareness.

Radio for the society: Radio acts as a watchdog providing contact between the public and government. It acts as a multiplier of change, educates people, shares information, heightens awareness of key issues, and many others.



Following a request from Spain UNESCO’s Executive Board recommended to the general conference about the proclamation of World Radio Day in 2010. Later on, the General Conference of UNESCO in 2011 decided to proclaim 13th February as the World Radio Day.

World Radio Day
Radio educates a wider audience. Pixabay



World Radio Day is celebrated every year to share the importance of radio as a medium to educate and inform a larger audience, raise awareness of the contribution of Radio as a means of communication in times of need and emergency. The day also aims to encourage radio stations to provide access to information and enhance networking.



‘New World, New Radio’ is the theme of World Radio Day 2021. The theme will highlight the services rendered by the radio medium throughout the crisis and emergency.

The theme is divided into three sub-themes which include ‘Evolution’, ‘Innovation’, and ‘Connection.’

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‘EVOLUTION’: The theme refers to the resilience of the radio and its sustainability.

‘INNOVATION’: The theme refers to how the world changes and how radio adapts and innovates.

‘CONNECTION’: The theme refers to the services provided by Radio to our society.