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Worried About How To Use Lip Liner Perfectly? Follow Few Steps

Bhavya Sharma, Beauty and make up expert at lists down few ways to get the lip linear right

Worried About Using Lip Liner Perfectly? Follow Few Steps
Worried About Using Lip Liner Perfectly? Follow Few Steps

Using a lip liner seems fairly simple, however there are some steps that one must follow to get that million-dollar smile, say experts.
Bhavya Sharma, Beauty and make up expert at lists down few ways to get the lip linear right:

* Remove dead skin: Well-hydrated and smooth lips are essential for a neat finish. Apply lip balm to moisturize your lips. And to remove dead skin, gently use a soft toothbrush over your lips. Once this is done, use a tissue paper to blot your lips and to remove the extra balm.

* Choose lip liner: The lip liner should be of similar shade as your lipstick. This way it blends in well with the lipstick and does not stick out.

* Outline the lips: Draw an ‘M’ shape on your upper lip where the two arches converge. Do this slightly above your natural lip line to make your lips fuller. Be precise and do not overdraw.

* Line the lower lip: Keep your mouth wide open and tighten your lips. Start outlining the lower lip from the middle and gradually move outwards to the sides.

* Apply strokes: Now that you have outlined to lips, it’s time to move inwards. Start by drawing small strokes on your lips. Use your lip liner to fill in the lips smoothly.

* Blend it: If you want to sport a matte look, then you are done. Just apply some lip gloss and you are set. But, if you want a strong shade, apply a lipstick of the same shade. Blend the lipstick with the liner using a lip brush for an even-toned look. Clean the edges using a tissue or cotton bud.

model, Lips
model, Lips, PIxabay

Supriti Batra, Beauty and Make up expert at Momspresso too have some inputs to share

* Why you should use a lip liner

* Lip liners are an essential part of any makeup vanity. A few reasons why it should not be neglected and should be in your kit.

* If you just land up eating your lipstick even before they reach the party, you can use lip liner before applying your lipstick as it makes it stay long.

* Once you fill up the lip with a liner it prevents your lipstick to bleed.

* It is a great way to shape up your lip and make it look clean and precise.

* It enhance your lips and make them look fuller and plump.

* You can just outline your lip above your actual lip line on top at the cupids bow as well as your lower lip and join it at the ends to get that perfect pout.

* You can change the color of your lipstick with the lip liner. Use different shade of lip liner and mix up with another shade of lipstick and you get a new color!

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* Try our different colors that you always saw divas wearing can also be achieved with a lip liner, so get out there and do some lip shopping! (IANS)

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* Adzuki Beans: Adzuki beans are a regional beauty secret of Japanese women since ancient Nara period. These legumes being high in antioxidants also contain a naturally occurring foaming agent ‘Saponin’ which will help cleanse and tighten pores, remove dirt and dead skin and brighten your face by stimulating blood circulation.

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* Watermelon: Turkish women used watermelon to revitalize their facial skin. It provides intense hydration to the skin. Watermelon is full of vitamin C, amino acids and lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that nourishes the skin. (IANS)