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Worries During Covid-19 Pandemic

Pandemic blues: What's worrying during Covid-19?

It’s not just health and safety concerns that are worrying, but a whole lot of peripheral and essential problems that have arisen, thanks to the ongoing pandemic.

Three in four adults are worried about the rising price of groceries (75 per cent) and the increasing cost of living (74 per cent), which they see continuing over the next year as the world navigates the pandemic’s impact on the economy and daily life, says a new survey.

According to the latest American Staffing Association Workforce Monitor survey conducted, other reasons that are keeping adults worried include stock market ups and downs, retirement funds losing money and stay-at-home orders in event of Covid-19 resurgence.

Younger generations have additional concerns about finding a job or needing new skills to land a job, along with the increase in the overall cost of living.

Whatever your fears or personal circumstances, instead of worrying about the uncontrollable, try to refocus your mind on taking action over the aspects that are within your control. Unsplash

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Worries are, however, not just financial. As schools reopen, educators are also worried about what the future holds. In fact, one in five educators (20 per cent) still do not know what their teaching approach will be for the 2020-2021 school year, according to National Business Furniture’s (NBF) Back-to-School Study. Uncertainty prevails about the in-person as well as virtual classes.

This uncertainty is creating a high level of anxiety among educators, as almost all survey participants expressed concerns about themselves and/or their students contracting Covid-19 and bringing it back to their families. (IANS)



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