New Delhi, August 11, 2017:

WoWakening – ‘A Face to Lost Identity’, a campaign towards enlightenment of Acid Attacks has been launched by lateral sutra, an integrated marketing communications company, in association with Acid Survivors Foundation India.

The campaign aims to create an environment of awareness, inclusion, and celebration for acid attack survivors in India.

Mamta Dhingra, Founder, lateral sutra, said in a statement,  “WoWakening is over a month-long campaign dedicated to the spirit of positivity and hope that acid attack survivors exude despite the trauma, challenges, and dejection they face in everyday life”, mentioned News18.

Talking about the campaign, Dhingra added: “The campaign is an all-encompassing effort to bring forth the stories of these indomitable women and their individual journeys which are an inspiration to millions”.

A contributing opportunity has been offered by and for WoWakening by way of crowdfunding.

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“We feel fortunate to acknowledge the fact that every human is entitled to live a life filled with laughter and success. Acid attack survivors are souls just like you and me, so let’s take this as a privilege to give these lost identities a beautiful face through our platform by way of contributions from a liberal society,” said Mohammed Sirajuddin, Director of the company.

Starting with Delhi-NCR later this month, the campaign will be succeeded by a series of activities, including a photo-essay, panel discussion, and fashion show, to draw attention towards the issue.

There is a group of splendid survivors of the acid attack in Agra, who opened a cafe sometime back that goes by the name of ‘Sheroes Hangout’. Sheroes is a perfect example for women who struggled with fortitude in face of brutality.

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