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8 facts about Yami Gautam you didn’t know

A law student who turned out to be a mainstream film actress

  • Yami Gautam has her own makeup artist.
  • She only uses natural products.
  • Her debut was from a south Indian movie.

Yami Gautam is a film actress who made her Bollywood with the film Vicky Donor. She has also been in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Punjabi films. She is also the brand ambassador for many products.

Some of her main projects were films like Action Jackson, Badlapur, Sanam Re, and Kaabil. Yami is a critically acclaimed actress with commercial success. She was born on 28th November 1988 and has also been a law student.

Here are 8 facts you surely didn’t know about Yami Gautam: 

1. She knew Ayushmann Khurana before her Debut in Vicky Donor.

Both of them are from small screen background. Most people think they met for the first time on set. However, they both are from Chandigarh and also, family friends. They knew each other before Vicky Donor.

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2. She believes in natural products.

Yami avoids using any artificial product. She uses the conventional mixture of curd, lemon and coconut oil as a conditioner to her hair.

Yami Gautam is a 'natural beauty'. Wikimedia commons
Yami Gautam is a ‘natural beauty’. Wikimedia Commons

3. Yami loves romance novels.

She loves to read and is big time fan of romance novels. Even though she has a busy schedule, she still manages to read Nicholas Sparks, thanks to the traffic of Mumbai.

4. She had nothing to do with Bollywood, or even theatre and modelling.

Unlike most of the actresses that enter Bollywood, she has a clean slate. Neither theatre nor modelling, she established herself with her extraordinary acting skills.

Yami Gautam has a clean slate background. Wikimedia commons
Yami Gautam has a clean slate background. Wikimedia Commons

5. Yami Gautam loves south Indian food.

Being a Punjabi, she is not much fond of Parathas. South Indian food is what she haves in her breakfast. She also cooks, Uttapam being her speciality.

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6. The actress has her own makeup artist.

While she was working in the movie Action Jackson, she had a fight with the producer regarding her makeup artist. The producer wasn’t happy with the artist and wanted to change her, while Yami insisted on keeping her own makeup person.

She started her cinema career with a South Indian films. Wikimedia commons
She started her cinema career with a South Indian films. Wikimedia Commons

7. Yami is an introvert person.

She refused to act in a play, when a teacher had asked, during her school time due to her shy nature. Later the teacher convinced Yami and she turned to be pretty well as an actress.

8. Her debut in Indian cinema was from a South Indian film.

Ullasa Utsaha was her first movie in Indian cinema. Whereas, Vicky Donor is was her debut in Bollywood. She had worked in a number of South Indian movies before Vicky Donor.



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