Young skaters spreading ‘Save Yamuna’ message in Agra

Agra: The city witnessed the ‘Save Yamuna’ event on Sunday evening as troops of young skaters rolled their way down the Yamuna bank in an effort to increase public awareness about river conservation.

The young skaters also carried placards with slogans that exhorted people to work for a pollution free Yamuna.

It has been reported last year that the city of the Taj is far ahead of Delhi, Kanpur or Nainital in terms of the level of black carbon in the atmosphere, one of the factors responsible for giving a yellow tinge to the 17th-century white marble monument. A study by Dayalbagh Technical Institute revealed a higher level of black carbon than in Delhi and Kanpur.

“As the lifeline of the Braj region, the dying river is a cause for concern. Effective steps should be taken to ensure a minimal flow of water in it around the year to rejuvenate the water body,” said River Connect Campaign team member Devashish Bhattacharya.

The dry river bed is posing a threat to historical monuments along the river bank in the city, said historian R Nath.

Scanty rains this year have dried up the river and its catchment area, also creating a serious drinking water problem in the city of the Taj Mahal.

“The river’s flow has been reduced to a trickle. Toxic effluents and polluted discharge from drains upstream have not only made the river an eyesore but also led to unbearable stink,” Braj Mandal Heritage Conservation Society president Surendra Sharma said. (picture courtesy: (IANS)


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