Your Play session will be as good as Workout! Now Pokemon Go game is available in your Apple Watch!

Users can count distance toward hatching Pokemon Eggs and receiving Candy with their Buddy Pokemon

FILE - A Pokemon Go player consults his phone while walking through the Boston Common outside the Massachusetts Statehouse. The game has introduced players to some aspects of history they otherwise might have missed. VOA
New York, Dec 23, 2016: The wait of hatching eggs on the wrist is now over as Pokemon Go is finally available on Apple Watch.

The announcement of the Apple Watch version of the game by the end of the year was made in September by US-based software company and developer of the gaming app Niantic. On Wednesday, the developers, in an official blog post, announced that the game is finally available.

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With Apple Watch and Pokemon Go integration, users can log each play session as a workout, with gameplay counting toward personal activity rings and receive notifications about nearby Pokemon.

Users can count distance toward hatching Pokemon Eggs and receiving Candy with their Buddy Pokemon. Once they encounter a Pokemon, they can catch it from their iPhone.

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“You can receive notifications about PokeStops nearby and collect items from them and receive notifications when Eggs hatch and medals are awarded,” the developers said.

Recently, an email circulated through Reddit, supposedly sent by a Niantic customer service agent, claimed that the “port for the Apple Watch has been shelved” and that development had been stopped unless the demand increased.

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But the developers had denied the reports saying, “Development on Pokemon Go continues, as it has since before the Apple announcement. We will have more news on the product soon.” (IANS)