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Meet This Youth Who Makes Handmade Masks

Spirit of empathy and youth in this class 12 girl


When the coronavirus outbreak reached the Indian shores, Mansi Ranawat realised, that while the fundamental steps and equipment that one needs for precaution may be available to the most, but what about all those people who did not have access to these basic things?

What about learning a new skill and using it to serve the people and community around us?

Meet Ranawat, now makes handmade masks to help those who are in need to cope up with the shortage in the market.

“When this outbreak took place I realised that my family and I had all things necessary to keep ourselves protected; that made me think of all those people who did not have these basic things. Therefore, I decided to do my bit by making these handmade masks. I also learnt sewing in this process”, says Ranawat, a class 12th student of St. Angela Sophia Sr. Sec.school, Jaipur.

masks Mansi
Mansi started making handmade masks when she realized that there is a shortage in the market. IANS

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With board exams getting postponed, she started making handmade masks from the clothes and polythene bags provided by her mother in her home, and contribution of such raw materials from other members and neighbours around her.

“My school has deeply inculcated the values of empathy, kindness, and serving others. I’ve actively served in NCC for the last four years. I think the government is doing its best to provide us with the best medical facilities and I’m hopeful for future improvement” maintains an enthusiastic Ranawat.

More than an entrepreneurial spirit, Ranawat’s humble efforts are an ode to the spirit of empathy and compassion, where limited resources are never a hindrance to efforts.

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masks Mansi
Mansi had a message saying, “I would like to challenge each one of you to make minimum 3 masks and stay happy, healthy, and high spirited. We will sail through!” IANS

“I utilised the resources and skills available at home. My family was my true strength all this while and together we could make these masks. I’ve made 100 masks till now, and have started distributing it to our watchman and his family. I’ve also reached out to volunteer groups, police relatives and government handle on social media,” she says.

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“I request everyone to strictly follow the guidelines given by the government. We can only help others when we ourselves are healthy and request everyone to spend this time in the most positively encouraging manner not for ourselves but for others as well. By obviously maintaining social distancing,” quips Ranawat.

Also, she has a final message to conclude: “I would like to challenge each one of you to make minimum 3 masks and stay happy, healthy, and high spirited. We will sail through! (IANS)



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