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YouTube Outro Complete Guide

YouTube is the second-most viewed website in the world after Google


YouTube is the second-most viewed website in the world after Google and also happens to be the second-largest search engine. This kind of popularity is an invitation to all content creators who want their content to reach more people and get appreciated. But how do you cut through the clutter and stand out? One of the ways to be distinct & engaging and attract subscribers is by adding an outro to all your videos with an outro maker. There are instances of creators with well-made content finding it hard to draw the audience’s attention to their CTAs without a well-made outro.

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What is an Outro?

All videos can be broken down into three sections – the introduction, the video itself, and an end slide known as the YouTube end screen or the “Outro”. The outro generally contains links to content, website, or products getting promoted along with a CTA. It is this CTA that nudges a viewer to visit a site, buy a product, watch the recommended video or simply subscribe to the channel.

You can make an outro dynamic with video snippets, but the minimum requirement is to have clickable links to serve the purpose. Also, a YouTube video must be more than 25 seconds to accommodate an outro. This article seeks to provide the reader with all the necessary details that will help the creation of an effective outro.

Technical Specifications for Adding an Outro

The YouTube video needs to have a resolution of 1920px X 1080px, and an aspect ratio of 16:9 needs to be maintained. These specifications will ensure that the video looks impressive on small mobile screens.

YouTube Outro Complete Guide
The outro generally contains links to content, website, or products getting promoted along with a CTA. Pinterest

An ideal outro must last for at least 8-seconds to enable a viewer to process what is getting displayed. Time your videos in such a manner that an outro gets accommodated, else the actual video will coincide with the end screen without leaving room for the outro.

One of the intelligent ways to utilize an outro is to include all the social media handles of different platforms. These are not clickable on YouTube yet, but it can motivate your viewers to explore your accounts on different platforms.

The bottom line is to have a CTA that sets clear expectations and would induce action from the audience through the outro.

Best Practices for a YouTube Outro

The results that you drive from YouTube would be based purely on what you add in your outro. Hence, it must be capable enough to serve the purpose of content creation. Some of the best practices include:

  • Promote a Playlist: This is an intelligent approach to getting more views on your YouTube channel. Instead of promoting a single video, you must feature a playlist in the outro which continues to play automatically.
  • Label the Outros: One of the best ways to elicit a response from the audience is to use terms like “Watch Next” or “Next Video”. This will allow them to understand that the element is clickable and encourage them to watch the next video.
  • Use a Verbal CTA: This is used by very few but seems to work when implemented. Use audio in your outro that includes a CTA to watch another video or subscribe. At times the viewer may mentally switch-off after a video; the sound might do the trick.

Pointers to Remember for Creating a YouTube Outro

Your goal must be about creating an effective outro, and these pointers will draw your attention to aspects that go into creating one:

  • Remain Consistent: Use the same templates to create outros, it will retain an element of consistency for the viewing audience, which in the long-term can build credibility. This is not just limited to the outro but for the entire video; use the same color palette for your logo and the whole video. It is proved that brand recall value gets enhanced through this process. Any brand that is serious about driving traffic to their website must include the link of the site in the outro, preventing the viewer from leaving YouTube and trying to look for your brand on a search engine.

YouTube Outro Complete Guide
The most feasible option is to utilize free outro makers that come with a simple drag and drop interface. Pinterest

  • Use a YouTube Outro Maker: One of the challenges faced by a content creator is to design an outro that stands out from the rest. The alternative is to hire a designer who would fulfill the need, but that costs money. The most feasible option is to utilize free outro makers that come with a simple drag and drop interface on the customized template to create a personalized outro. These tools come with a range of features like transitions, animations, and the option to add music. On most occasions, these tools come along with an extensive library of graphics, images, and music. Once you are convinced about the personalized outro, download it and add it to the video directly.
  • Select CTAs Carefully: The purpose of CTAs is to keep the viewer hooked to your brand and associated digital assets without allowing the viewer to switch over to something else. This calls for CTAs to be crystal clear without any room for ambiguity. For instance, if you are a health and fitness brand and want your viewers to watch associated videos. You must have relevant links or playlists in the outro. The outro must have a relevant association and logical consistency with the video without leaving the viewer bemused.
  • Keep it Clean & Uncluttered: The outro ideally has to be clean and clutter-free. Else, the tactic might just backfire. Loading up the outro with elements stacked one above the other will only distract the viewer from continuing with the YouTube channel. The best approach is to have a tidy and sleek outro that conveys the message to the audience that there is enough space between elements. Select an outro maker with a contemporary template that helps to edit video online for complete personalization. When done correctly, you are bound to see visible results.

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Creating content on YouTube is done to promote a product and develop relationships with the audience. By neglecting an outro, you miss the chance of nurturing and cementing a relationship with the audience. With an outro, you are prompting the viewer to commit to the desired action; in most cases, the audience is likely to oblige. You can use this momentum to drive a profitable move for your brands such as sign-ups and even sales.

Lastly, one of the endearing things about YouTube outro is that you can add, delete, or change elements. You can base your decision with the “End screen report” in YouTube analytics that gives clear insights into the performance of your outro.



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