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It is hard to find your personal style if you do not articulate what you want. Pixabay

Personal style is a strange little thing. Personal is an expression of originality. Style implies a consensus from the public that something looks good. If personal style were a beast, then these two seemingly opposing concepts make it hard to tame.

Difficult, but not impossible. Personal style is about finding a balance that allows you to communicate through clothing. How does one find a personal style? YPRES Clothing has some suggestions.

Alan Grobman of YPRES suggests, “Focus on comfort. No matter how great a garment looks it won’t look good on you if you aren’t comfortable in it. Find the fabrics that you like and keep them in mind when on the hunt for a new addition.”

  • What is Your body type?

For most people, there is the body that they want to have and then there’s the body that they actually have. The disconnect is common. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be more fit, more muscular, or have whatever change you want to make.

But, personal style considers the body you currently have. It is about gravitating towards clothing that looks best on you.

For example, men who are short and stocky should choose a close-fitting jacket that stops at the hip. Stripes can also be used to elongate the body. On the other hand, those with long and lean figures should be a couple of inches longer and feature a slight nip at the waist to create a taper in the silhouette.

Considering body types when choosing clothing might seem like a limitation, but it is not. You can wear whatever you want – it’s just that it must be a version that plays to your strengths.

Representational image. Pixabay

  • What Do You like?

It is hard to find your personal style if you do not articulate what you want. One way to concretize your style preferences is to go through pictures of styles you find attractive. Are you drawn towards modern or classic looks? Are you Frank Sinatra, with suits and Oxford shoes, or are you a young Marlon Brando, opting for ruggedly handsome clothes?

Another clue in determining which style is for is what is already in your closet. Often, the clothes you already own represent the fashion you are most comfortable with. Since personal style is about expressing personality, the choices you make indicate what type of clothes you are partial to.

Personal style does not happen instantly. It is a product of your lifestyle, your education, your upbringing, and all the million other things that determine who you are as an individual. It can be a journey find personal style but having a roadmap of where you want to go can get you there faster.

  • What Is Your Signature?

Think of James Dean and you probably imagine him donning a leather jacket. Surely, he wore other things, but it was his signature piece. It constituted an integral part of the laidback cool he was known for.

Having a signature item can be the cornerstone of personal style. For example, if you are drawn towards the street fashion, adopt a tank as your signature item. You can do fashion layering under the shirt to play up the look you are going for.

The key to a signature item is consistency. It does not necessarily mean you own the ten pieces of the same garment. But, there should be enough similarity that they make an impact. You can stick to a color palette, or you can be faithful to a loose and baggy silhouette.

Another way is to be a loyal client of a certain brand. For instance, YPRES Clothing offers options for the shirts that can be used as signature pieces. There is enough variety to ensure different looks, but they still maintain a uniform aesthetic.

Representational image. Pixabay

  • What Trends Do You like?

The word “trend” is sometimes seen as a dirty word in style. Some well-meaning advocates caution against following them, lest you look like a follower rather than a leader. But, trends are not necessarily incompatible with personal style.

They can be used to keep your look fresh. Much of personal style is about curation. Trends can be carefully picked out to enhance a certain look.

Think about how certain colors often fade in and out of favor. If your style is preppy, you can incorporate the fashionable color in your socks. Colored socks are distinctly preppy. You end up loyal to your style, but still on point when it comes to trends.

There is no rule that says personal style must be monotonous. On the contrary, a person with a strong sense of personal style can use trends to their advantage.

There are benefits that men can gain from having a personal style. It is not just about creating an impression – it is about leaving a lasting one.

Adopting fashion layering under the shirt might seem like a small detail, but it speaks volumes about the person. He is trendy. He is modern. The messaging a person sends through their clothing is personal style, so it is time to ask yourself: are you saying the right things?


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