Zack Davies jailed for attacking Sikh dentist

London:  In an instance of racism, a court in Wales has awarded life term imprisonment to a man guilty for attempting to murder a Sikh dentist with a machete at North Wales’ Tesco Mold supermarket, a media report said.

Zack Davies, 26, regarded as a white supremacist inspired by IS executioner Jihadi John, was earlier jailed for 14 years for attacking Sarandev Bhambra in January this year.

Mold Crown Court had earlier sent Davies to a high security hospital in Wales, where his psychiatric profile was prepared and he was given a life sentence on Friday.

“This was a dreadful offence in which an innocent young man was set upon with great savagery in broad daylight in front of others. It was a racist attack. You are a very dangerous young man,” Daily Mail quoted the judge as saying on Friday.

Bhambra, who watched Davies receiving a life term from the public gallery, said that the attack was “as an act of terrorism”.

“Why was he not considered a terrorist, given his political ideals? He had numerous accounts on social media, posting racial material that were removed by the service providers,” he was quoted as saying.

“Imagine your own sons, daughters, brothers or sisters facing my reality and you may begin to understand and appreciate what my family and I have been going through in the last nine months,” he added.

On January 14, Bhambra walked into the supermarket at lunch time and faced the horrifying attack that left him with severe head and back wounds and a machete slash which almost severed his left hand.

Davies said he selected Bhambra because of the colour of his skin and Asian appearance.

Just before he left his flat, Davies visited some extremely violent websites such as “Best Gore” and “All the Gore”, his computer history showed.

With inputs from IANS


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